As our father has taught us about separation, we are going to continue with this teaching. We believe that the Word of God separates so as it separates, let us be in the Word.

[Genesis 12:1]
“Now the Lord had said to Abram; “Get out of your country, from your family and your father’s house to a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing.”

God wanted Abram to move away from his relatives. We need to be in a separate place; to be where He is, in order for Him to use us. It is not in every place where God wants to manifest His Word, there is always a certain place where God can communicate with a person. That is why Jesus always withdrew from the crowds to a secret place.

Jesus being God, was able to separate Himself. If God can separate Himself, who are we not to do so? We need to separate. This means that there is a certain company that we do not need to be with in order for us to hear God.

Abram was given a command to move from his comfort zone, from a place where there is a lot of noise. God wants to bless people but they are not where the blessings are. If the blessing was everywhere then there was no need for Abram to be commanded. There is a certain place where God wants to bless you. He did not give him many details.

Sometimes we want to hear a lot of things in order to believe that we need to move. It is not that we need to be convinced however we need to hear God. As He says separate then it means that it is good for you. He cannot tell you what you cannot do. If He does tell you then it means He gave you strength.

The question is, why did God refrain from blessing Abram in the company that he kept? Did God fail to bless him? No, however, there is a certain resistance, there are certain people who you will not be blessed when you live with them, they are mockers. If such takes place, then it will be a good seed in the company of a bad seed. Afterward, Abraham had descendants; he would not have had a good seed if he remained behind so now he is a blessing because he listened to the voice.

You need to become a good place whereby when people come to you, they become blessed. We are blessed because of Abram. One person’s obedience can bless many because you decided to become obedient then you become a blessing of a generation. Therefore the disobedience of one can cause many not to reach where they are supposed to reach, that is why there is what we call a generational curse. It is your choice to have a blessed generation come out of your obedience.

I believe Abram had goals, dreams, and plans. I believe that you as well, as a person you might have plans, goals, and dreams. When God said something he decided to move away from all the plans, understanding that it was good to stay with his family. However, because of what God said, he decided to leave.

Sometimes God calls you at a time that is not favorable, a time where you want to be busy with your own things. You move knowing that whenever you move there is something He is going to do. For God to manifest His Word you need to be in a place hence you need to be in a place called There. The place where you obey God does not have to make sense. It sometimes seems difficult. Our father once said, “Obedience is not when it is nice and you can do it.” We ought not to obey God in what we want. That is why the Israelites obeyed in the beginning then along the way they changed their minds.

If it was not necessary, God was not going to send Moses to Egypt and called the Israelites; when God calls you it means there is something for you. He would not say come if your coming would not benefit you. Even when it is difficult for you to go to Him, just go! As it says in Jeremiah that His plans are not to harm you but to prosper you. These plans will not happen if you are not in a place where God is. To everyone who has plans, where are you? Are you in God’s plans? He thought it was good for Abram to move. People can move wherever they want but when God moves you it means He has a purpose.

Abram kept quiet and did not want to hear much of where he is going. Sometimes we want to understand His plans better instead of keeping quiet; willing to hear Him so that He can direct us more. Obey, then along the way, He will lead. We do not lead God, we do not tell Him what to do; He leads us therefore we ought to keep quiet – Shush! Listen to what God says. I believe there is no one whom He cannot bless as long as you are in the place, He will bless you. Check all people who walked with God, He blessed them because they were obedient.

[Genesis 12:4-9]
“So Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him, and Lot went with him. And Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran.”

[Genesis 13:1-6]
“Then Abram went up from Egypt, he and his wife and all that he had, and Lot with him, to the South. Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver, and in gold.

Abram was blessed according to the command, God cannot say that He will bless and then not bless you, He is faithful. It happened that he was blessed beyond measure. As long as you are obedient to God, He will bless you with what you do not comprehend – including the world. Abram continued believing in God though he was without a child. That is why God told him to look and count the number of stars and that his descendants will be as numerous as stars. Now how can you look at them and just believe from the stars? This means Abram was completely obedient, believing that God will do something.

He will do more than we see, whatever seems difficult to us is easy with Him. Nothing has started outside of the Word. I like it when it says “… the place you do not know.” No scripture shows that Abram checked on his family to see if they are still fine or not. Let us separate from whomever God says we must separate from. At times God can separate you from someone who is even your source of income because you are focused on the income and not on God, hence you can still be one with that person. A mocker is like a thorn that destroys you without even seeing it.

[Mark 4:1-8]

“A sower went out to sow and it happened that as he that some seeds fell by the wayside and the birds of the came and devoured it. Some fell on the stony ground where it did not have much and immediately it sprung up because it had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up it was scorched because it had no root it withered away.”

Now after Jesus had shared a parable, He explained what it meant; personalizing the seeds as people. The seed that has gone into the ground is like people who hear the Word of God and behave totally different. The father has taught about separation however then, just after a month one is restored to the very same relationship. It is like the enemy gives you time to meditate upon the Word then he comes and takes it from you, choking it. Bringing old people, you forget that you were given the Word. The people who come back to you do not come the same, some come like thorns.

We have people whose main focus is the Word. You cannot multiply while you are in the wrong company. Some people can choke the blessing. To show that people can do that, check when Lot was with Abram. You cannot be obedient then be with those who are disobedient. Abram and Lot do not qualify to move further together because of how they respond to the Word. We need to be in a place where when we are together, we are able to produce and multiply.

Someone can cause you to wither and fail to understand what is happening with you; being stagnant and sharing every blessing with that person. I like it when my brother shared on Sunday during offering saying “I honor the Unknown”. I understand that when he honors the Unknown, he is one with the anointing so when you are with the anointing you are blessed.

The father taught and said, “Are the people that you are with speaking the same language as you? Are they having the same goal and God?” You need to understand that as you move with people, you must move with people who have similar interests to you. We need to have a relationship with God and we cannot mix these two relationships. If I have a relation with God and other people then I cannot stay with God, that is why He wants us to only be with Him and be blessed. Therefore, without a relationship with the Father, we cannot be blessed as He is the source of blessings.

[Mark 4:8-14]
“But other seeds fell on the good ground and produced, some thirty folds, some sixty and some hundred. And He said to them, “He who has ears to hear let him hear…”

This is what I was saying, we enjoy the message of separation for a certain time and just after a short period, reconnection takes place. You reconnect what God has separated. By so doing, you are taking the blessing back then you start from position one. God blesses you only when you have the Word hence the journey results in being long. Who is the problem at this point? Is it the one who receives or the one who gives the Word?

It is possible for someone to delay himself. Sometimes someone can say to himself that he needs to be patient with God while knowing that it is not God who needs you to be patient. Then you will be patient forever because you are not in the Word. We will be witnessing disobedience instead of patience. Imagine building a house and then the storm comes and destroys the house then you start building the house over again; you will end saying ‘my house is not getting complete’, meanwhile the problem is you, the builder. We need to have the Word always, be alert, and walk with God.

(Verse 17) You cannot be fruitful when you have a company that is not with God, having a relationship is a godly purpose. You cannot be fruitful without the Word, if so then it means you are multiplying the Word having bad character. After the person is blessed then we see it not lasting because the person does not have the Word. The person being blessed but struggling inside, with something we ought not to have but invited them to come.

(Verse 20) I like the verse that says “…those accept it.” In this case, when the Word comes you cannot accept as you are not in the place where you can’t accept. Many expect to be productive outside the place, the Word. Focus on God and He will bless you according to whatever He sees fit. At times we come to Him expecting to be rich, however, what is it that He wants from us? We need to focus on Him first before productivity.

Seek the Kingdom of God and the rest shall follow meaning seek what is permanent. Even when you get a job, the job will be permanent.

[Proverbs 16:3]
“Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.”

First, commit then you will be established. The Israelites wanted to be established first before committing their works to the Lord. Hence they complained a lot, the more they complained, the journey became longer. The more you are in the Will, the more you reach where God is then He is able to bless you.

Commit all aspects of your life. That is why the scripture says give yourself as a living sacrifice. God knows our ways and plans but there is a perfect plan of God. He knows what is good for us. Let us seek the Kingdom, character, and the Word of God, then the other things will follow us.

We want things to come to us but we do not want to come to God. What is the ultimate plan of God in our lives? What is the best thing for us? You can have an ultimate plan but God does not confirm. One thing that I am learning is that what if someone is not learning from God? I could be learning how to come out from God yet it is a teaching that chokes the Word in you. God knows us.

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