Be careful of deceivers

Nothing beats the Truth, we should always be in the truth. One thing caught my attention while I was reading [Ephesians 6], it says ‘’stand for we are not fighting flesh and blood’’, then it says ‘’after you have done all that, put on the armor of God’’. The armor is not there to fight authorities and principalities. So what is the armor of God for? When you read it further it says “…above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one”.



When we are done fighting the wicked ones, we put on the full armor of God. This is discernment, this is not a matter of demons, it is not evil but we must know what is truth and not. This is the battle of the Garden of Eden. What caused people to fall was not demons but deception. We have people who are deceptive, they stand and preach while deceiving people. Judas will not manifest because he is not full of demons, before Satan could enter him already there was deception.



When he took the bread to eat, Satan entered so who was there before? The Truth exposes all deception but it doesn’t cast out anything. Thus, there is where the Spirit stops, this is where the person matures in what they do be it evil or not. Spiritually when we mature in the things of God, some mature in the dark kingdom – in deception. When you have fought all principalities you put on the belt of truth.



There is a difference between Adam, Eve and Satan. Satan is a deceiver, hence Jesus can’t come and die for Satan. God can die for those who are possessed but not for those who live in deception. Hence some people do not manifest demons but the spiritual father is the one that manifests. The bible says “we bring into subjection any thought to the obedience of Christ” (see [2 Corinthians 10:5]) not the demon. This means the person is now possessing people.



This is the level where Judas was in. He can come and fellowship with you while he is a deceiver. Jesus delivered people who did not even ask for deliverance, but He couldn’t deliver Judas and the Pharisees because they were born of their father (the devil). We discern true love even when it’s on social media. You must be careful of deceivers, they are not wolves in sheep skin. When it says ‘’Wolves in sheep skin’’ – this is a spirit, but deceivers are without the Spirit of Truth. With deception it looks like the Truth, however, it is not it, so someone needs to put on the belt.


Deceivers are able to awake generational curses because as they speak they deceive and invite all that was there in the world. You must be careful, deceivers are there and for you not to be deceived it does not require prayer but that you cut off other people from your life. Don’t always sit and eat in the table of [Psalm 23] (the table of your enemies), but you must eat from the table of the Lord. In [Revelation], John saw the table prepared in the midst of the 24 elders, so the table in [Psalm 23] is not for you to eat in forever.



Jesus says to the woman, you worship on the mountain but the time is coming where true worshippers will worship in Spirit and Truth- your mind and heart (see [John 4:24]). If your heart and mind are in the Truth, then you are in the Truth at all times. We are a room so we are the mind and heart that is perfect. My thinking is communication. Whatever you desire, God is able to give you because you are a room. When you desire He hears, when you think He hears. There are two kinds of prayer, of Spirit and Truth. When you fast or go to the mountain, do so in prayer. When you worship the Father in Spirit and Truth you can’t be attacked. God answers people as they think and desire. Jesus doesn’t think negative things, He said ‘’When you think of a woman in a lustful manner you have already slept with them’’, then, He was showing us the power of thought. So if you were thinking of worship, it means you are already worshipping.



It is high time we tame our minds. Tongues are now tamed but the mind (the heart) is not. The Spirit searches all, He knows the mind. When you are in the Truth you will not be deceived. How you think is very important. Have the mind of Christ, let the eyes of your heart be open. Desire as the Lord desires, think as He thinks. Perform with Him. Be careful of deceivers because they have walked out of us.