Mysteries Are For The Pure in Mind

The Book of John reads ‘there was no book to record the things that Jesus did’. But which book is the verse referring to? Definitely not the Bible. The book in question is man; there are things that God could not write on the disciples thus He said “I have much to tell you but you cannot bear it now” so there is no book for God to write His mysteries in. So the storage which God was looking for was not a library to store books written with ink but He was looking for a mind that is ready to receive from Him.


Had God written His mysteries on the disciples, the world would not be able to contain them. The world cannot contain us because we are from above. We carry the mystery; let us hold on to Him, He is genuine, perfect and undisputed. God is releasing a mystery; a time is coming and a time is now where we will just appear and not speak but yet you receive more than what you would had we spoken. God is releasing a mystery; deep things which cannot be uttered, where words become irrelevant.


Your mind is a storage of God – the deep secret room of God, there are no words here; the Holy Spirit no longer assists us to pray because we know how to pray according to the will of the Father. And when we pray, we do so with yearnings and groanings which are much deeper than words which can be uttered – this is what God is releasing today, someone must grab it! Deep things of God!


When Jesus met Peter, He was ready to give him mysteries but there was a problem with his mind, it kept turning back. A mind that turns back is not ready for mysteries. In Luke 5:1 Jesus found the disciples fishing and God wanted to give them a mystery but they were not ready for it because their minds were not pure. Our minds need to be the storage of God. [Luke 5:1-6] AMPC (4) “…put out into the deep water” God told Peter (who was Simon at that time) to cast his net into the deep waters.


[John 21:1-6] AMPC (3) “Simon Peter said to them, I am going fishing, they said to him we are coming with you” Your mind needs to be ready to get the mystery of God. Peter’s mind was turning back, he was going back to where the Lord had taken him. Other disciples were not intending to go back to fishing but the moment they heard Peter say he is going fishing they joined in because he is influential.


The way the events unfold is the same as in Luke 5 but in it Peter was pure as a virgin (not contaminated) but in John 21 we hear Jesus say of him “Peter, the devil has asked for you”. So here there is another mind at work other than that of Christ. In Luke 5, Peter was not born again but God was ready to use him and give him mysteries because he did not know religion.


But in John 21, he knows too much, that is why he is able to say to ‘God forbid’ when Jesus tells him ‘I am going to be handed over and suffer’ but in Luke 5, he would not say such, he was pure as a virgin. You see; religion begins when people know too much; they think they have studied and know God, this makes them unable to receive the mysteries of God, so in Luke 5 Peter was better than in John 21. After sitting and hearing teachings from Jesus, he thought that he knows all there is to know about Jesus and went back to fishing.


(4) “Morning was already breaking when Jesus came to the beach and stood there, however the disciples were not aware that it was Jesus” It is like they were experiencing a restart. How could the disciples walk with Jesus for three years and not know him when He comes to them? So you see, it is not about how many years you have been born again; God can come to you and you still not know Him because He comes with a mystery.


And if He comes with a mystery and finds your mind back to religion, you will miss it. Our minds need to be pure as a virgin at all times. Look at Mary, her womb was able to receive when God deposited but what about her mind, did it receive? No, that is why even after giving birth to what will contain the mystery, her mind is still hostile to God. The Lord searched for a virgin and found Mary but she was a virgin in the womb only, not the mind. If she was a virgin (pure) in mind, she would have believed and followed Jesus wherever He went, so this shows she was contaminated.


The angel came and said “the Spirit will come upon you and you will conceive” but we see the Spirit affecting the womb only, what about the mind? The Spirit could not dwell in the mind but could dwell in the womb because it was pure. So after she gives birth her fellowship with God ceases, she does not follow Jesus thus she approaches and speaks to Him as her child. So Jesus had to put it out plainly for her ‘my family are these one who are with me’, He could not call her ‘mother’ anymore because her mind was contaminated.


And here is something I want us to be careful about; don’t think because you have been in salvation for a long time, God will not use someone who just came in; as long as your mind is not pure (a virgin), God will use another one, He will pour His Spirit and proceed in His plan without you. it is worth noting that God was ready to use Simon (Luke 5) than He was to use Peter (John 21). I guess Peter thought he knew too much because of one revelation ‘You are the Messiah’ and concluded this is sufficient knowledge of God and decided to go back to fishing. – this is definitely not the mind of God!


And today we are subjecting you mind from thoughts of; wanting to go, backslide, and giving up, feeling that this salvation thing is not working for you, we are subjecting those thoughts so that God can use you now. Look here, we are prisoners; there is no more going back or giving up, when you are a prisoner your mind is a virgin at all times. So even when you want to go back and fish like Peter you can’t. When your mind does not turn and your heart is firmly fixed on Him, then God can entrust you with His mysteries.


You cannot go back because you are prisoner. A prisoner’s mind remains pure because you are always in jail, you have no access of going out. If you can observe carefully; angels ministered to Peter better when he was in jail than when outside. Do you realize after he gets out of jail we don’t hear about his encounters with angels anymore? This is because when he was in jail, his mind was pure but in the world there are all these other things that destruct his mind from Christ. When you are a prisoner, you are out of the world, you no longer see what you loved in the world, its only you and the bars. When you are in jail there is no going back; your mind remains a virgin forever.


Being intimate with God does not break your virginity; Mary was still a virgin even after she gave birth to Jesus, she only lost her virginity when she became intimate with Joseph who is an earthly man. Being intimate with an earthly man breaks your virginity but being intimate with the Spirit does not – you remain pure forever.


(5) “so Jesus said to them boys, children…” Jesus called the fisherman boys and children but when he met them in Luke 5 He did not do so and that time Peter was not born again. Now after three years’ worth of teachings and fellowship, Jesus calls them children! It means that you are still a child if you have the mind of going back, you are not yet a prisoner. Paul says “when I was a child, I used to dress myself and go wherever I wanted to but now that I am old, someone dresses me and takes me where I don’t want to go”- when it is like this we can’t help it but preach and perform mysteries.


We are prisoners, we do not have a choice – God does not consult us, he just deposits! When He deposits in your mind, you do not choose whether you want to do it or not. The same with you, you don’t choose whether you want to come to Church or not, to serve or not; the mystery compels you. Like these guys behind me, they don’t choose to be a lion and follow me, it is by the Spirit. When I stand, it is no longer I but Christ!


When it is not by choice, it is humility. Humbleness that you choose is not of the Spirit because you choose when to be humble and when not to be. We are still on John 21 verse (6) “And he said to them, cast the net on the right side” So it is a matter of ‘right side’ but not ‘deep’. If you are a child, the net cannot go deeper. In Luke 5 Jesus said to Peter “cast the net to the deep” Meaning God was ready to give them deep things and by that I mean deep sons.


That is why Peter does not have Timothy as a Son, Timothy is deep, he is for Paul and not Peter. The plan of God was to give Peter sons as Timothy but because of going back, the net is no longer the same, neither is the place; it changed from ‘the deep waters’ to the ‘right side’. On the right you catch fish on shallow waters but for Timothy you have to go deeper.


So what Paul had was supposed to be for Peter because in Luke 5 that is what God gave him but Peter’s mind went back to religion. When you go back, you will have sons which are not deep. Do not be amazed that it is not everyone who comes to a mysterious Church; they were found on the shallow. It makes sense why not everyone will understand the Gospel that we preach.


Real fisher man fish in the deep but ‘boys and children’ fish on the shallow. The deeper side is where the mind of God is, where you [are changed to] become a Son, not a person. All people on earth are people of God but not everyone is a child of God, that is for strictly for those have faith in him. After becoming a child of God, do not stop there, proceed and grow into sonship. The world and the born again [but without the mind of Christ] are found on the shallow but sons are found in the deep.


(6) “…they caught a great number of fish and as their nets were at the point of breaking” So the quantity was plentiful, they could not hold it. In John 21 they could comprehend what they caught, they caught plenty of fish but nothing happened to the net, it does not stretch of affect the mind because they that are fishing are children. Peter was a child as a minister, and by that I don’t mean according to age – though being old in age, Jesus addressed him as ‘a child.


The world calls us young ministers looking at our physical appearance because they do not discern but Jesus discerned His disciples to be children and addressed them as such.


[Luke 5:4] (4) “…put out into the deep water…”

“…as their nets where at the point of breaking” There is much that I need to tell you but you cannot bear it. These are sons that break your mind, they are in the deeper side. They are mysterious themselves, they are the Timothy’s. That is why Paul is able to say ‘imitate me’ but then sends his son, Timothy in his place. When you see Timothy, you see Paul, he will stretch out your mind to what it could never comprehend, so the mystery of God is not only what we preach but its also us, so when I stand I minister you.


There are some people whom you can minister to and still go home and sleep because they come to Church full of their own thoughts but there are sons who cause you have sleepless nights because of their hunger. So you must understand that when Paul said ‘pray for me that the door of mysteries may be open’ it is not everyone who prays and the door to the mysteries becomes opened.


Before he could get to praying for the door of mysteries to open he said ‘put on the belt of truth, the sword of the spirit, the shield..’ so this prayer cannot be made by everyone but it is for the those who have the belt of truth, such are the ones who can pray for you and the door to the mystery becomes open.


There are sons in the shallow who are not in the mysteries of God (they are not deep) thus they don’t even challenge the father – after ministering to them you can still sleep and everything be normal but there are these other ones who cause the master to appear to you day and night.


Do you realize that the signs and wonders that God gave to Moses were given to him only for them to be shown to pharaoh? Its strange that God says concerning the children of Israel ‘I have heard your prayers’ yet He does not show them mysteries.


Israel was not ready for mysteries. When the Jews asked for a sign that they may believe in him Jesus replied “I will not do any work, so even when God sent Moses with signs and wonders it was for Pharaoh and not Israel. God says “I have hardened the heart of Pharaoh”, one now questions themselves ‘because God only hardened the heart of Pharaoh, why is Israel disobedient’? In the eyes of many, Pharaoh seems like the guilty party, yet he was an instrument of God and not Israel. They were disobedient but not him; the more God hardened his heart the more miracles took place; frogs, locusts and so forth.


Peter threw the net on the right hand side but he did not catch the deep things of God. Simon was told to throw on the deep side because the fish that God wants him to catch are mysterious sons, that is the reason Jesus said to Peter ‘I will make you fishers of man, this is what you are going to have in the future.’ As you catch them, your mind (net) will not be able to handle, it will break. But in John 21 Jesus does not say the same thing because He was waiting for repentance.


So we arrive to this; mysteries are for the one who is a virgin in the mind – ready to be used by God, it does not matter how! If God was to say to you ‘I want to use you like Pharaoh and harden your heart’, you are most likely to negotiate and plead that God would rather use you like Moses and this is reasoning. And know this; if its God who placed you in a position, you have no right to look down on it.

When leaders who take care of a certain department of servants more than they do others, they discriminate the call of God, so what they receive from God through their serving is limited. The moment you reason when God wants to use you, you cannot receive because God deposits in a quiet mind. ~ Selah.