The man is divided into three parts that we know to be the spirit, soul, and flesh. Most of the time when we hear the Word it goes where the spirit meets the soul. As the father said, the soul relates to the five senses. When you are sick and you feel pain, it happens in the soul and not in the Spirit. In that case, we deal with something that comes with the soul.

[Hebrews 4: 12]
“For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.”
The spirit does not heal because it is immortal. When the Word comes, it does so as the mirror of the Spirit, it reflects the Spirit – it comes to aid the Spirit so that the soul can be washed because the soul is not immortal, it can die.

When you receive the Word it judges the soul. What we receive in the soul we must be judged, the soul needs to operate with belief. It can be healed by the soothing that is created – It (The soul) is in the visibility.

Paul understood the language of the Spirit. Hence when there was a thorn he understood that it needed to buffet him and cause the soul to transform into being what the Father wanted.

Everything is laid bare, the moment the Spirit in you starts to fight the soul, sin hides in the soul and that is where it can be kept. When the Word comes, it judges the sin in the soul. The minute you say you love and want to marry but the father does not approve and yet you still feel the love. We know that you were provoked by feelings, again the bible tells us that if you desire another man’s wife you have sinned. These shows where sin can dwell, – in the soul because it is the one which can desire. It shows that the soul can hide sin. So when the Word comes it needs to judge that soul to a point where when we see it, we now see the Spirit. The soul needs to be converted to what the Word is.

[Mathew 9:1-9]

When they brought the sick man before Jesus, He forgave him instead of healing him and because he was forgiven he was healed. There are some sicknesses that need you to be forgiven, not healed. That is why the Word says when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. What I love the most here is that Jesus did not ask what kind of sickness this was but He just saw the filthiness in the soul and forgave the man. We know that HIV travels in the blood and we also know that most of the time it comes through sexual Immorality. So, why do many who are positive need to be healed instead of being forgiven? People need to ask for forgiveness instead of healing.

(Verse5-7) What is easy for you to receive and what does God permits you to receive? Though many want healing, will it be fair if they were told to ask for forgiveness instead of healing? There was nothing easy for the Pharisees because they were bound by the law. Even when Jesus asked them what was easy for them to do, it was a test because Jesus had done something that was easy for Him since love dwelt in Him.

There are people who are born again but they somehow ended up living a sinful life and sickness came into their lives. Not to condemn them but to remind them that God is still God. These people were washed when they received salvation. They went through what they went through, they do not need to be washed again but to be forgiven. Once they are forgiven, we now look at Romans 8 which says there is now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ. Who will condemn them because they are in Christ?

The book of Zachariah tells us about the accuser who accuses because of the old garment. When God says remove the garment, the devil will always refer you back to what you were wearing then. So, it is now up to you to either listen to what he says about the old garment or what God says about where you are now. When the accuser starts to accuse, it is better that you remain with what God says you are and not knowing the information the accuser comes with.

The woman who was bleeding for years went and touched when many were waiting to be healed. She understood what she needed from the Lord. She did not want to hear a word the crowds had to say but a Word from the Lord – “your faith has healed you” and by that she was healed. The problem is that we listen too much to what the report of people says.

Although it is good that you check with the doctors but the final say should not be of the doctor. That is why Jesus asked, what is easy for you? Is it to forgive or to heal? Because healing cannot come without forgiveness. When you are only healed and not forgiven it is easier for you to be sick again because there is a stain on the soul. One thing people do not realize about David is that he was quick to repent because he understood the power of being forgiven. What healed the paralyzed man was forgiveness as well.

[Isaiah 58: 9-14]

One of the things that led people away from salvation is gossip. To those who are still in the Lord, let us not judge people according to their sins, God has forgiven you. See yourself as God sees you. Gossip is like politics, it leads to death, but the bible says if we leave such, we will glow in the midst of darkness. When sickness comes and when death tries to come we will glow. When the light is on, it causes darkness to escape.

The soul must fast from such (gossip, judging, etc.) because this is the kind of fasting that it needs. The Bible says that we must greet each other with hymns and Psalms, not with the sin of others. The soul does not need to fast from food but from being diluted by gossip and judgements. This is the promise that comes with purity of the soul to build and repair.

[Isaiah 57: 5-14]

When they say that there is nothing hidden to the soul, they mean that whatever happens in the closed-door the soul captures and it exposes it in the crowds.

God is looking for those who come and cry to Him. When you give your heart to God and He will give you His inheritance. To be crushed is to realize the need for God. It says that those who are crushed in spirit will inherit the Kingdom of God. Blessed are those who realize the needs of the Kingdom of God, for theirs is the Kingdom of God. The soul likes to be puffed up and it gains pride but when the Word comes it gets to be crushed, hence it makes it easy to kneel when you are crushed.

That is why when many are sick they find it easy to kneel even to the very same man of God whom they despised at first. It is because now they understand the need for God.

God will teach others how to abstain from what He does not want from them. We need to be so broken to the point where we are available for Him at all times. The more you allow the soul to be crushed the more it will give in. We would not say that man is divided into body, soul, and spirit but you will now have a true testimony of three- where it is the Word, the Spirit, and the flesh.

We do not need only to keep the teachings but to meditate as well. Many people, after they watch the service they get busy when they should be meditating so that the judging of the soul may happen. When the soul is being judged there is a language that is being written in you. By that, you will be helped when you are surrounded by things that you need to fast from and you can get there by listening and meditating. You are being re-taught in meditation and by that, you will be able to go back to what is needed for the soul.

Meditation works to kick out the pattern of the world in the soul.

[Isaiah 57:15-19]

We need to pay attention to somethings because one can make a tattoo and God approves but to the other God does not approve. So we need to be very careful in our journey. Even when we build we need to build being careful that we do not stress because it is a sin, that happens because God knows that the soul of the other has not yet been translated enough. There is no Word that can direct their path. That is why it is important that we are careful when we build because there will be a voice that says ’remove, remove’ but if you are not careful you might end up removing the wrong things that might cause you to fall.

Peace to those who are far and near. There are people who are supposed to mourn but now God says they will no longer mourn because God is rebuilding. It is a sin for us to worry and many are worried, God is giving us peace. He has created peace, therefore you ought to stop stressing. Let your soul not be burdened by the worries of the world but let it adjust and receive the message of the Lord.

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