“A Display of Gods Power: Time Of Return”




Do we have any idea, or know how powerful God is? Let me share with you some insight. While I was praying this morning, God told me that people have forgotten how powerful He is, and have become used to Him. Practically, when you stay with someone for a long time, you end up getting used to him or her. However, it should not be so with God. People have forgotten about His power and do not know who He is. I believe that as God speaks about His power, He will also release it, there is going to be power in our lives! Power to set us free. The reason there are things that seem impossible in your life is that, they only need God. Look, you need to meet situations which are impossible so that, God can be at work and not you.



[Job 40:15], “Behold the Behemoth (hippopotamus) which I created just as you.” This is a grass eating animal, just like an ox. God is trying to explain His majesty through this animal. In addition, Job came to God complaining and cursing the day in which he was born, and God had to tell him about the hippo. The cedar is a tree with small branches and it has one or two leaves. God here, explains the character of a hippo, yet telling Job how powerful He is, meaning in its strength, he had look at God. Verse (19), there is no other animal like it. When God looks at the hippo and all animals he says, “It is at first with magnitude and power.” This is an animal that can never be mastered. Have you ever heard someone saying, I own a hippo as a pet? No, because it cannot be tamed.



Verse (20), everything is provided for it. It stays the entire day inside water, and comes out at night to eat. Eating the finest ever, and that is, what has been prepared by other animals. All it does is to remain in the water by night. Verse (23), it does not tremble in the violent river. The waters cannot drown it, hence God says, “You will go through water and you will not drown,” because He has given you the strength of the hippo. People like to swim where there is no rushing waters. This animal opens its mouth at the strongest waterfall, yet the waters does not harm it, this is how powerful it is. [Job 41], God explains Himself furthermore, through a crocodile. Verse (3), it is not a coward, it does not give up. This is a warrior!


It cannot even be tamed. These two animals cannot be under the control of anything else other than God. Let me ask, will you play with the crocodile? God as not finished when we thought there is a lion, an eagle and an ox. There is more strength. We must know what God is capable of doing in our lives! Can we be regulated as a church? No, regulation is something that cannot be done to the church neither you. We are not just a church, we are a crocodile (in character), and we cannot be tamed. Only the creator can master us! Be careful, do not touch in a wrong manner! Verse (10), “No one is fierce that he dares to stir up the crocodile”, no one can awaken the crocodile. Who dare come to God and touch Him? If we fear a crocodile, then we must also fear God. The way people fear these animals, it is the very same way they should fear the church. Witches bewitch those who do not have power.



It is time people of the world become afraid of the church – afraid to awake the crocodile. Anyone who fights with you fights with God. Who dares takes your position? Who dares contest with you because you walk with God? It is time people become conscious of the God we walk with! Everyone is able to play church because the power is no more visible. Where is the nation that everyone is afraid of? No one dared to touch Israel, everyone was afraid of it; this is because of how it walked with God. Where is such power? This is the power that needs to be brought back to the church. The world can never test and touch what is of God; this is what needs to be visible in church.



When you apply for a job, no one should dare touch your position. We need a church with power! There is power at work and we must reach a standard where people are afraid to touch. The heavens look imperfect before God. When you say ‘’Holy, Holy…’’ you must check what kind of Holy you are referring to. This holiness is whiter than snow. When the bible says, “God will wash you and make you whiter than snow…”, then what kind of purity is that? There is no name for it.



Where is the power that causes sickness and calamity not to come upon you? If the blood of a normal lamb provoked the angel of death, then what more about the blood of Jesus? It seems as if we have forgotten how powerful God is because of the failures of others. A failure of a person is not a failure of God! The bible says, “Deep calleth unto deep…” you must go deeper and call unto the deep God! Draw where it is the deepest. Go into you and find Christ in the deepest. You need to go to the deepest place to find the deepest Christ. The power you have seen is not yet the full power of God. The men of the old longed for our days, they longed to see the city but God, had us in mind. They saw that which was in store for us. Who would want to live in the days where people are defeated by HIV? If they longed for such days as these, there is more and we have not yet reached the depth of it.



There is no speed limit in Christ, He said ‘’Search deeper…”, furthermore, not knowing God, is like driving a car without reaching the maximum speed of it. Go beyond limitations that have been set in your life, so that you can access the complete power. In the spiritual realm, there are no boards to say drive with 80km/h. God calls you to the deepest. Verse (11), why have we become used to God? Why when we pray for a miracle then we say, ‘’we need to be patient”? Who said God answers after a long time? Where is the nation that believes that God can do things now?



Verse (13), this is divine and no longer about the animal. A crocodile uses strength, and all it wants is to grip, and hold onto the prey so that it can never escape from it. There are people who call themselves “Bakwena” – this means these people have carefully observed the strength& character of a crocodile and likened themselves to it. And that very strength is with us, whereas the mystery is with God. As He comes and say, “I will not be silent…”, ‘’who can take its garment out?’’ This animal clothes itself with water, and when there is trouble, it runs back into the water.



Verse (19), God is referring to Himself, because the bible says, “His eyes are like flames of fire.” Verse (24), “No one can change the way he thinks.” Moreover, “He is not a man that he should lie; He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Maturing is not changing, but it is revealing what is within. When you mature, it is when you discover yourself. There are things that have been hidden for ages about God, but now they are being disclosed. Verse (26), because of the skin, the sword can never penetrate, no weapon formed against you shall prosper! This is what God is saying about us. Why does it seem like we have forgotten and have become used to our troubles? Every word that arises against you shall be condemned! Because it cannot accomplish what it has been sent to do. Why do you magnify the devil, saying that he is powerful? The mind of the crocodile sees its opponents as rotten wood! Everything and every witch that operates in the dark power, operates how God has formed it, but when it comes to you, it must operate like a rotten wood.



The problem is that we see a mountain as a mountain, let it melt down like wax before your eyes. Wherever we go, everything should melt down. It seems we have forgotten the one we walk with. Do not accept your situation and become what it tells you, there is power to conquer all. Do not go and change who you are, if you are a lion, then there is “akuna mathata…” in your territory. Do not say, “All things work for together for good”, while you accept situation(s) that make you someone else. You are more than what you are going through, more than your failures! People have accepted their conditions and named themselves according to them.



Arise and shine! Shake off the dust because the glory has come! Verse (28), [Hebrews] says, “Put on the shield of faith…”, but many are running away from the arrows. People want to go to heaven because they are running away from troubles. Christ is in our hearts and we must acknowledge Him, hence we lose the power He has given us. He laughs at those who wage war against Him. Verse (33), “Upon earth there is not a crocodiles equal”, God said this about the hippo, so who is He talking about? He is talking about you! “I have not given you the Spirit of timidity or fear”, so walk in power and confidence that you possess. In our Fathers house, there is no fear! There is boldness, and when we speak, He responds. So why are you fearing? The fear that you have is a seed that has been planted, therefore, you need to uproot it.



[Jeremiah 32:26], “Behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?” God had to remind Jeremiah about Himself. Therefore, is your situation too difficult for you? Remember, God humbled Israel because they thought that they had all power over all flesh. Moreover, if it was easy for you to be disappointed, then, it is also easy for you to be blessed! I believe most of us know pain and hurt, and how easily it can come. Nevertheless, it is time that we quickly experience the power of God. It is time you experience the power of God when He elevates you.


If joy can be taken away in a second today, then God is bringing back your joy in a sudden way! Let me ask, why when things are taken away from us, then it happens unexpectedly? However, restoration requires us to be patient? Is the devil that powerful? Why do we limit God? Anything God speaks is prophetic; in God there is no coincidence. What more about us, If He was able to make a ram appear before Abraham just to spare his son’s life. Why does it seem like His power is not at work in us like in those times? He is still the same God that was in the beginning. [Genesis 18:14], “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” This is what God is releasing to you today, is there anything too hard for the Lord? Pause and think of your situation.



Sarah knows how it is like not to have qualifications; God wants to bless you now. It is time for you to testify, there is not time to laugh just believe. As Sarah laughed – it was in disbelieve, yet she had a baby the year that followed. I am here for you, just believe that you will testify and become prosperous. The blessings are yours! The enemy steal from you because of disbelieve. Look! Sarah did not have a miscarriage; therefore, I am here to speak into your life.



Whether you believe or not, it is time for you to testify! The enemy cannot steal what I am saying today! Since no one can touch the crocodile, then the enemy cannot come and steal. Who dares touch your car, your house, position, business? It is not just a simple Word, but it is the Word with power! What is impossible with man is possible with God. Look at what God is doing, do not look at your history. When God wants to bless someone, He removes everything that will bring pride and self-praise, so that He can bless you and all glory goes to Him alone.



God is looking for a dog which does not have anything and only depends in the Him its master. I am releasing this prophetic Word today – go, then come back to testify. It is your time to testify! I declare and I prophesy! [Luke 18:27], “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God…” Verse (28), “We have left our home to follow you”, then Jesus said to Peter, verse (29), ‘’There are those who will lose their families and houses because of God but he says, everyone who has lost all these things for his kingdom’s sake it is time for return.” It is time for a release! When time of return has been declared, it shall not be taken away anymore!



[Psalm 95:4-9], this is a powerful God! – He formed everything. With this verse, I am saying to you, the Lord made everything, if it is His own then it is not impossible for Him to use it! This land belongs to Him, it is not the land of the black or the white, it belongs to God. And, it must go back to God and not to any party! It must go to the Sons of God. It is time for return – let it return to your life. Nothing is impossible, it is yours!