“Satan is defeated: Fear no more” Part 3

As the devil was roaming around looking for a victim to devour, God presented Job to him, boasting about righteous he is in the midst of such a perverse generation yet the Devil still saw weakness in him. See – [Job 1:8]. In order to reveal the weakness of Job to God, the Devil said to the Lord of hosts, verse (11), “but put forth your hand now and touch (destroy) all that he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.”
Then the Lord said to Satan, “behold, all that job has is in your power, only do not put your hand on the man himself.” In other words, ‘’you can do anything to his possessions but do not touch his soul.’’ So God gave Satan the permission to test Job, the devil could not invade the territory of Job unauthorized, he operates on permission, without it there is absolutely nothing he can do.
God wants us to reach a standard where there is no weakness in us, such that when tries to accuse us, he becomes speechless. That is why God always allows him to come and test us. Look at Job before and after the test. He became better. His character was pruned; he went from an ungrateful complainer to being thankful to God in everything. After God has rebuked him, He blessed him better than what he had before.
[Zechariah 3:1-], it means there was court; the Lord stands up as the defender (Lawyer). And if there was court there must (surely) be judgment. Let them put a clean towel in his head, they took the dirty garment away. ‘‘Behold I am bringing forth my servant the branch’’, Jesus is the one who was in court with the devil. This is the war that was happening in heaven in [Revelations 12]. All along Satan has been accusing brethren in the presence of God; this was the last time he stood as a prosecutor (accuser).
[Revelations 12:7], verse (1), “And war broke out in heaven…The dragon and his angels fought.” As I had already explained, the term ‘angel’ does not signify purity or holiness, so when the verse says the Devil with his angels it simply means demons, messengers, or servants.
Verse (8), “…and there was there no longer a place found for them in heaven.” It is impossible for Satan to accuse you because he has been cast out. That is why I believe there will not be judgment day as many Christians fear, but that it has already passed, judgment day was fulfilled in the verse quoted. A great war broke out in heaven when Jesus was born, not when He died, so at His birth, judgment took place, and no other judgment is to come.
God chased out the accuser and dealt with the nature of sin in us, giving us the power [grace] to say no to sin. You may feel like the things that happen to you are the results of the way you used to live before you were born again but that is because the devil will always remind you of your past even, when God has forgiven you. In order to be above condemnation, our minds must be in the Spirit at all times.
When our minds are in the Spirit, there is no condemnation that can attack us. God has forgiven and forgotten. If judgment day still awaits Christians, then it means that the blood of Jesus leaves stains behind when it washes. If God has a record of things that we have done it the past it means that His blood has not washed us well, you are the one who recalls the deeds of the old man [old self], but God does not. The Lord has forgiven you; forget your past walks that you can gaze ahead.
As Christians, we are not supposed to struggle with spiritual spouses but it happens because when a demon is cast out, thoughts remain. If you allow them in your mind, they will contaminate it, the moment you entertain them, the door of meditation is open and the devil will come and take advantage.
Someone needs to learn how to close the door of his or her mind to impure and vain thoughts. The Devil does not have power, he can only whisper and he give you [misleading] information. After all, he does not have your best interests at heart, so if you give in to his whispers and listen [pay attention] to him he is going to control you.
The thing that has led many to believe that they have slept with spiritual husbands or wives is that: as you are sleeping, the spirit speaks in your mind, plays pictures in your mind, then your body responds and you discharge body fluids and when you wake up you say you have slept with a spiritual wife but that is not possible because spirit is not human, thus it cannot have gender. That demon has attained the title of ‘spiritual husband’ or ‘spiritual wife’, cannot operate when there is nothing (sensual) in your mind for it to capitalize on. If your meditation is purely the Word, that spirit is bound to leave you.
As I said, for the Devil to have his way with your mind. He deposits a picture of someone as you are going through your day, conversing at work, at school or walking around at the shopping mall or even as you are sitting here listening to the word. The moment you look at your neighbor, see beauty and lust, the devil has started ministering to you. By entertaining the thought you have given him hints on where to start when whispering to you at night, anything that you allow in your mind (other than the Word of God) he will use to his advantage.
As long as you allow flesh to enter your mind, the devil will take over. There are some people who sit and meditate about money instead of the word of God, this is just as sinful as lust, that is why I don’t like drawing up a budget because it makes one meditate about money. As you do what is happening in the mind? The mind is conforming to money, money and money. Money is amplified and extoled in your thoughts, leaving no room for meditation on the word making the teaching you received to become wasted material.
The moment this happens the Word cannot be processed to affect and eventually change your character. Now because you have been meditating, it begins to influence your dreams even when God is not saying anything about money. Your mind is precious and deserves more than average thoughts, sit and meditate on the word – nothing less than Christ.
Meditate of good things, what is pure – the word of God. The thing that makes people leave salvation is not because God has stopped thundering [being God] but they leave God because they don’t know who you are in Christ. And if you don’t know how to fight the battle in your thoughts you will be a person with dual personality; one person when you are in Church and another when you are at home [private space].
[2 Corinthians 2:10], “…lest Satan should take advantage of us.” so Paul forgives lest Satan should come and plant guilt in him. Paul is aware of how the devil operates, so he denies him access to his life by distancing himself from anything that might cause association between him and the Devil. The devil lives by condemning people, he is an accuser, nothing more, know his works and what he does, the moment you do he will never have authority over your life and he will never touch you. When you know his works he is defeated in your life.
[John 5:24], “He who hears my word and believes and trusts in Him that sent Me has eternal life and does not come into judgment and condemnation but has passed over from death into life.” Have you heard the word, do you believe? Then there is no longer judgment in your life. Jesus die not come to judge you, He came to save you and give your life. Those who believe stopped sinning not because we are scared of judgment but because they are not sinners. God wants you to become who He is and be holy as He is, not act holy, nor repent because you fear you will be judged someday when you die.
[Luke 10:17], “I watches Satan fall out of heaven like lightning.” Not that the devil was lightning but the speed that he fell at was like that of lightning. As I have said before, the book of [Revelations] consists of the past, present and future. It is written in a way that it mirrors what is happening in the Spirit as thing happen on earth. Like the time Jesus was Born and King Herod was terrified he will lose his kingship, in revelation it was presented as “the fiery red dragon seeked to devour the male child as soon as he was born”.
So it makes sense why when people read it [without the interpretation from above] were instantly filled with horrendous images of the beast with seven heads and ten horns [some still are even today] when they read that the beast [the Devil] will be released for a1000 days yet this scripture has been fulfilled. The devil was released that 3 years that Jesus was walking on earth preaching, let us not postpone it! From this day on, fear no more because this has been fulfilled, it is not something that is still to come.
If your mind is in heaven, there is no condemnation for you. With that said, never condemn yourself anymore. The demons that are troubling you are coming to you illegally, they have no authority to do so, they are only taking advantage of weakness in that you are not aware what you are entitled to, what the Lord has done for and where He has placed you. Stop fighting an enemy that has already been defeated.
“The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.” So at the Birthday of Jesus = devil defeated. Jesus on the cross = the works of the devil destroyed, so what are we fighting? Just be in your position [in the word] and enjoy the victories that the Lord has attained for us.
No witchcraft, curse, or spell has power over your life, their power is exaggerated on earth because of people without a covering, as long as you are in the Kingdom of God, This Word prevail over your life, and “…no weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Though they try, their power is restricted to operate within the bounds of the above-mentioned statement.
The last enemy to be defeated is death, not the devil. Death is more powerful than the devil. With the promise of immortality, we are waiting to defeat death, not the devil, it is over with him. The last deliverance is of the mind, change how you think and the battle is won. You are called to be above, nothing can defeat you. God has created us to be above the standards of the world, stop listening to your body, demons and situations. Confront each situation as you come to it with the word and step forward with a boldness that proceeds from the Lord. For this is what the Lord is releasing to you today.