A Moist Heart Does Not Absorb Every Seed




The Bible might just be a paper (like any other book), but when you read it by the Spirit; when you read from it, you drink and begin to carry the moisture that is locked within the Word. There is something you must get about moisture; there are trees that do not grow when you plant them where there is moisture, for they only grow in rocky places.



People who know about plantation or agriculture, can inform you about plants that do not grow where there is moisture; they only grow where there are rocks. These plants are only inhabitants of dry places. So with such trees, the more you water them, the more they die. So even with you (tree), when you have moisture in you, only what is of God will be able to be planted and grow within you.



When you have moisture, what can grow in a dry ground will never grow in you. When you are full of moisture (the water of the Spirit), anything that is not the Word, cannot grow in you. The soil and the moisture within the soil, both reject the seed. Competition and jealousy, can only grow in a dry ground, such attributes grow only in the flesh, not in the Spirit.



This is because you are full of moisture, even if the next person tries to plant a bad seed in you, it becomes chocked. There are plants that float and grow right above the surface of the water, and this is what actually keeps them. The more you try to remove them, the more the plant they drop seeds.


When you are the Word, there is moisture in you and whatever God speak becomes. God trusted Abraham and called him a Father just as He is one. He trusted him with His title because Abraham is the Word. There was a cutting torch before circumcision, it appeared before there could be a deed that seals the righteousness he received. It was a cutting torch that no one else received except him. When you are the Word, there is already separation within you, as you look at yourself you do not see the older man for you are the Word that is standing, when you speak of your past you speak of a person that you are no longer.