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[Isaiah 43:1-4]

When he is called Jacob, it means he is in his former state but when he is called Israel, he is a new person in Christ. He is Jacob when he is not yet refined, nor circumcised. Jacob is the son of the promise yet the flesh is still within him. God redeems us to make us His. God can never call us to remain as we are but to become changed.

Hence the bible says that anyone who is born again is a new creature; the old is gone and the new has come (See 2 Corinthians 5:17).

(Verse 2) When you go through the waters, He will be your ark. When God calls you, you can never get to Him without passing through the waters. This is not fire or water that is caused by the enemy. But when God calls you, He allows you to go through fire and water. There is no reconciliation between men and God without fire and water.

When God calls you, before you can get to Him, He needs to take you through fire and water so that only what He is, can reach where He is. There is a place where flesh and blood can never enter or inherit. As it is written: “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 15: 50); we know that the Kingdom is not a geographical place but where the King dominates.

If God dominates in your life, it means you are in the Kingdom. God can never dominate in your life unless you go through fire and water. Therefore, fire and water deal with the flesh. When Jesus died on the cross, He went to the grave which was His fire and water. The graveyard is the place where the flesh dies and remains.

There are things we go through and they are meant to kill the flesh in us. That is why the One who comes, doesn’t baptize with water only, but with water and Spirit. We delight in the Spirit yet the Spirit will take you through fire. Where the Spirit dominates, the flesh will become uncomfortable. You sleep in the prayer room because your flesh is comfortable.

Where the Spirit communicates, there is water and fire; the flesh ceases and the Spirit becomes active. A sign to show that your flesh is alive is when your body overtakes you.

A man who is in the Spirit can pray for seven days without sleeping. When the bible says that Jesus was in prayer and fasting for forty days and forty nights, it means it was not only food that His body was deprived of, but also sleep.

That is when the Spirit takes over – these are signs. When you read in Ephesians says: “The Spirit of God which you have been redeemed and is the guarantee of what we have been promised”. What have we been promised? We have been promised immortality and eternal life.

There is no one immortal because the day we reach immortality, no one will sleep. In the book Genesis, you do not hear about them sleeping. The body sleeps to restart. When it is immortal, it doesn’t need to restart, for it has moved from the dimension of time to the dimension of eternity. Eternity does not have a beginning or an end.

People think you go through fire and water once and it is over. You need to continuously go through fire and water until every part of the flesh dies in you. The world that needs to be destroyed is the world in us. There is no victory without water and fire. Baptism is continuous. Every time you are due for promotion, you will undergo baptism.

The trials and hardships that you go through in life are the baptism of water and fire.

Haven’t you realized that when it is hard it is easy for you to pray? God uses situations to call you to Himself. When you enter the prayer room, you find a refining fork that is blazing and yet releases water. It is only a fool who behaves like an unbeliever when they go through hard times they give up.

Trials and hardships are a ringtone to say that God is calling. When things get hard and water and fire come our way, we know that God is calling us. You do not take your phone to call strangers but to call those you know. I can never call someone whom I am with, but when they are far from my voice it is then that I can call. There are things you go through because you are far from God.

The holy of holies you were in last year is not the holy of holies you are supposed to be in today. This is not the man-made tabernacle but the presence of God; the realms of God. When it says that He is the manifold wisdom of God, it means God unfolds Himself. He was with you on another level but He manifests on another level and calls you to where He is.

Every trial and hardship must improve your prayer life. When it does not improve it means you are still at the same level. God wants to reveal more of Himself to you. God comes to your level because you cannot adapt to who He is. God reveals in another standard, and if our prayer life and meditation do not increase in times of troubles, God will always reveal Himself in the standard that you know Him to be.

(Verse 4) This is the victory that comes after you go through fire and water. God will always call and reveal Himself on another level. The perfection of Christ can never be reached with the same level of prayer and meditation. This is not for ministers only but for believers. You will continue to pray the prayer of ‘Our Father who art in heaven…’ as long as you do not yield to the calling of God.

The same level of prayer and meditation means that you are not yielding to the call of God. You are taught daily, but there more you are taught is the more you are tired of praying. You are not yielding to the call of God. Spiritual promotion is personal and not collective. When we are here together, we attain tools to get promoted. But how you use those tools is important.

If the most powerful prayer you prayed was the last week’s eviction prayer we had, you are going to die spiritually. You were given tools and put them away. The church grows when everyone uses their tools because when they come back, they come on different levels. I am talking about the church that challenges the pastor in prayer and not in politics.

As long the pastor finds you in the lowest level, he will be comfortable where he is. What you were given last week Saturday, how far did you go with it? Or when you got home you switched off and enjoyed yourself and relaxed? Now you are going to pray again, you start afresh.

Always God is revealing Himself on another level. The level that God was in, is not the level He is in today.

As long as you are stuck at last week, you will still see Him as He was last week. Jesus dies on the cross, when He resurrects, He comes in another level. They walk with Him yet they cannot see Him. He breaks the bread, fortunately, they were able to see Him at the level He was. However, Thomas, when they told him about the Christ that is alive, he doesn’t believe.

When He appeared to Thomas, He doesn’t break the bread as He did and they see Him in glory; He goes back to the level that Thomas knows – the one where he touches the flesh and blood. A ghost does not have flesh and blood, but it is the one that resurrected. He died as flesh and blood and was resurrected as a ghost. But Thomas is still able to see flesh and blood. The level of God that you know is not the level that He is in. The way you know God is not the way He is.

Some of you still need to catch up so that you may get God at the level He has released Himself to be. They asked Jesus to teach them to pray, but His language changes from the time He teaches them to pray – to the time He is with Mary Magdalene. He shows you that He is manifolding and revealing Himself on another level.

There is a time when we do it together but there is a time when you need to be alone. There is a time where He reveals Himself alone to you. Every tough time you moved through, if you did not grow spiritually, you missed the opportunity.

For some people, their troubles didn’t go away but they just paused because that trouble was supposed to elevate them. Water and fire are there to destroy the flesh in you. 2022 was a year where we were going through water and fire, but how many came out elevated or promoted spiritually? How many come out with a new language and intense intimacy? You still enter into the same holy of holies.

We cannot be teaching about the outer court even now. When you reach the holy of holies it doesn’t mean you have made it because God will always reveal Himself on another level. When the enemy comes like a flood, God raises the standard. When the standard is raised, are you there? The walls of Jerusalem are being built again.

I am teaching this; though we are entering a beautiful year, some of you are still left behind spiritually. Physically you partake in everything we are partaking in, yet spiritually you are left behind. We do not know when the next test is coming, when it comes it finds you spiritually you are not fit. Good times are here but do not move to the pleasant times with your spiritual life left behind. Do not move to the good times with old habits.

Today we are going to pray and as we pray, I am calling water and fire for the last time. Someone is about to go through water and fire so that you are not left behind spiritually. We do not want to celebrate with you financially but spiritually you are not there with us. We do not want to hear you testifying about a job yet you do not know the face of God.

People who are going to testify are not only those who are here but those who are coming but spiritually they won’t be where we are. Imagine where they are spiritually, some of you are there with them; you think and reason with them on the same level. I do not want to leave anyone behind spiritually. I understand you were spiritually depressed, but water and fire are ready to consume what was holding you back spiritually.

[Malachi 4: 1]

“For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, and all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble. And the day which is coming shall burn them up, says the Lord of hosts, that will leave them neither root nor branch”.

A believer who doesn’t pray against his weaknesses will be destroyed together with them. Anger, envy, etc, are your weakness and you need to pray against them. There is no human being who is your enemy. Your enemy is your weakness. That is what is preventing you to grow spiritually, to mature, and prosper. What God has blessed you with can never be stolen unless you open the gate. The gate for the devil is the flesh. The gate for the enemy to enter your life is your weakness.

Demons are no longer in the position of possessing Christians. As technology advances, spirits advance as well. Demons had to possess Christians to take what belongs to them. Now they no longer do that because they know that you are going to manifest. Hence now you find a very angry Christian who comes to church every Sunday, being prayed for yet never manifests.

Demons know how to press buttons. They allow you to go to church. You come to church and when you go back you do not have the strength to say no to anger; anything provokes you. Demons know how to deal with Christians. Before, demons had to manipulate you so that you get angry. Now they no longer have to, because normally they got you. For where you are supposed to forgive you fail to do so.

Churches are full of Christians who fail at home, work, and school. We continuously go through water and fire so that our weaknesses burn. Prayer is not for children. Some even lie in prayer. You always pray that you forgive those who trespass against you but you are not forgiving them. You know you are holding a grudge.

A time will no longer be there when demons will play around your prayer life. Spiritual depression means that darkness has been around your spiritual life. You pray but darkness is not scared. We are a dangerous generation. What is birthed here is what will make the devil shake. Your conscience is coming back.

Some of you remember that you are not supposed to be angry after you have reacted and spoken badly – that is not conscience but condemnation. When anger is about to manifest, the Spirit calms you down. This is the fire and water that you need. You will go through fire and water and it will not harm you. Some of you will be blessed with businesses, but in that, you will meet people who will want to cause you stress or make you angry.

Every promotion comes with its challenges. It’s a great year and we are going to be blessed, but we need to pray more. The trials and the tests and persecutions will be more. There are great blessings and elevation that are coming in your life, but everything that comes in your life will need to be maintained by prayer and the Word of God. Let that blessing not overwhelm you.

These last minutes, I am calling water and fire to come to burn everything and remove all flesh in us. When we enter, we go in as Spirit-man who can pray and meditate.

Some want me to lay hands on them so they can receive blessings; I am saying it is done! However, there is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with in these last minutes. A life of prayer and meditation must be established today so that it can maintain what God is going to give.

A Christian who doesn’t pray can never be led. You will live a life of hope without being led. Everyone has hope, even those who are not born again. Unbelievers have faith and hope yet they do not have love. When we become born again we grow in the hope and faith that we have been granted. When you do not have a prayer life, you will be a Christian who has faith and hope like an unbeliever.

Do not be blind while having hope and faith. The difference between us and them is that we can see. When we are in prayer, God starts to speak. The Spirit that you have received will tell you and show you the future. But having the Spirit in you and going through things without knowing, means you do not entertain the Spirit. When you walk by the Spirit you know what is going to happen in the future.

By calling, I am not a prophet but by prayer, eyes are opened and things are revealed.

Prophets don’t need to pray to see. It is a gift to them. When I stop praying, I do not see anymore. How are you going to run the business that God has given you without seeing? You need to be able to see. God speaks in different ways.

God speaks with knowledge, dreams, and visions, and God speaks through other people as well in signs. You can pray that God may guide you and in your mind, you think that it is you but the Spirit or in a dream He may speak. For God to speak to you, you need to be prayerful. Out of prayer, you will never hear God.

This year, never make the mistake of living a life out of prayer. When you are the headquarters of the Holy Spirit, you do not just think; God communicates with you. God will show you from the smallest of things to bigger things even though they are not clear. You must have a glimpse of something and not that things happen without you knowing. ‘

Know when you are about to encounter trouble or when you will be blessed. When the Holy Spirit dwells in you and the flesh is dead, you become the headquarters of the Holy Spirit. When you think, automatically God is speaking to you. You need to exercise your mind in the Word of God. You are trusted with small things, to be given bigger things. Stop saying that you have seen that somewhere, acknowledge the Holy Spirit.

Some of the things you do not see but you just know. This is not for the prophetic but for your everyday life. When you have a relationship with the Holy Spirit you are given an insight of what is going to happen in your life. All you need to do is to pray and meditate. Do not be surprised when you are prophesied.

When you have intense fellowship with the Holy Spirit, nothing will happen in your life without you knowing. When you hear good things only, just know that something is wrong.

God came to Joseph and said that famine is coming and you ought to prepare. Having a relationship with God gave Joseph the title of becoming a believer. With everything that happens in your life, you need to always be alert and aware.

Your father through the Gospel

Revivalist Abraham Unknown

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