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[Matthew 5:1-30]

After this teaching I want you to go into your bedroom and be alone and read these verses again and do a self-introspection.

There are things we feel and think, God sees our intentions the way He sees our actions and how we feel, and our thoughts. To God, your soul is tangible therefore I want you to go to your secret space and read these verses one by one and ask yourself are you poor in spirit, are you meek, are you merciful, are you pure in heart? Are you Christ like?

When there is no one watching, are you pure at heart and merciful? Are you merciful and pure at heart when it’s not required?

If you are not pure in Spirit, you cannot lie to the Spirit and if you are pure in Spirit and are persecuted for righteousness’ sake yours is the Kingdom of God.

Salvation is not for play, is intimate and personal and it is not for showing off or for pretense. Salvation is real and God is real. The state of your heart matters to God.

When you are persecuted, and you are able to rejoice and be exceedingly glad then you are blessed but if you are persecuted and you mourn and take offence then this verse is not for you.

As much as we do what Jesus did and even greater, even the persecutions will be more.

If you lose your saltiness, then what good is it? Then you need to be thrown away and be trampled by man. You are a born-again Christian, you are Spirit-filled. If you are not pure in heart and merciful, gracious and graceful then what good are you, if you are not like that?

That is why we have people or man who have authority over the church or born-again people because they have lost their saltines. People out there are able to trample upon you because you have lost your saltiness, you lost your purity in heart. What good are you? What power do you possess? Who do you want to preach to? It means you have cut your hand, you have no power or meaning. Are you the salt of the earth and born again? If you do not have the heart of Christ, then what good are you.

If you were once the salt and you lose your flavor, then how shall earth be seasoned. Never lose your saltiness. Never lose what makes you a Christian. Never lose the Spirit of God, hold on to Him.

You are not made to be trampled upon, you are not made to be under people’s authority. For God so loved the world that He gave with His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life (see John 3:16). God loves the world and He sacrificed Himself and gave His Son for the world and we are the light of the world. The same way God sent out His Son, we are also sent out to the world.

Continue shining and lighting up. You are not supposed to be beneath but on top as a city on a hill. The world cannot trample upon you because you are set on a hill. Once you are salt and light it is impossible for you to be hidden. So, you are a city on a hill, the light that cannot be hidden. Come back to being a true saint.

If your light is able to be hidden, then you know something is wrong. It is an error that you are who you are for so many years knowing revelations being born again and serving the Lord, praying in tongues but yet you are trampled upon, and your light is not effective.

God has not made you to be the tail, a follower or to compromise. This is salvation, it is between you and God. You can fool other servants, but you know and at the end of the day God will be looking at you and the life He has given you, is it worth your salvation?

You shall be great in the Kingdom of God because you will not be teaching the world the laws of God on the pulpit but through your life you are teaching the world.

Whosoever teaches these little ones, great are they in the Kingdom of God. If your righteousness does not exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees you will by no means enter the Kingdom of heaven. It is not about how well you know the bible or how long you know God. It is not about how groomed you are or how you are able to carry your posture or how people perceive you.

Study the Pharisees because with their strength they truly wanted God and righteousness, they were not people who never wanted God, they are so similar to us.

They wanted God but in their own way. They didn’t want to give up their ways. They lived their whole life in the temple, studied the Bible more than us. The only problem is that they missed it and when the true Messiah came, they did not recognize Him and rejected Him.

They wanted to love God and they gave their hearts, so do not think you are far from being a Pharisee or a scribe. What kind of righteousness does God require that doesn’t want you to know the whole bible or dwell in the temple 24hours? It is not the righteousness of prophesying, of speaking in tongues or of going to church, it is not that righteousness.

If your righteousness does not exceed that of the Pharisees and scribes you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven, it means you need to do what the Pharisees did and even more. It means the Pharisees carried a certain level of righteousness.

You will do what Jesus did and even greater (see John 14:12) it means you start from what Jesus did and you do more. So, your righteousness starts from where the Pharisees started and ended but it needs to exceed.

If God can take your life and minus the Sundays you are in church and minus the serving and the effort and the strength, what is going to be left? Will there still be Christ left or will it be the world left? God will take a person who is pure in heart but makes mistakes than a person who is not pure in heart but does not seem to make mistakes and looks pure.

(Verse 21-24) God is comparing murder with anger. God is saying I do not want your gift or sacrifice as long as you know you have someone who has something against you, go and fix it first then you will come to Me. This is grace speaking in the New Testament.

(Verse 30) Hell is real and all these things that Jesus is talking about. God says that you rather cut your hand, pluck out your eyes so that your soul may be saved. You rather be physically half, and your soul saved than full bodied and perish.

Your blessed

Shalom superman

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