Are You A sheep or a disciple – Do you make disciples or feed the sheep

[Hebrews 6:4], “ For it is impossible to restore and bring again to repentance those who have been once for all enlightened, who have consciously tasted the heavenly gift and have become sharers of the Holy Spirit.” This message is referred to believers; God does not see it as labour when you move in love and have shown this towards His name.
You can prophesy but without love is not the one God speaking; minister in love wherever you go, for it is considered when you do so. God can forget everything you did in your past because you are doing it in Love.
There is a difference between a mother and a helper, a mother everything does with love and with a helper it is just a matter of work. A helper is aware that she will be paid after the work. God cannot recognise anything that is not done out of love, when there is no love in us; we are merely gathered here making a noise to God. However, when there is Love, God is there with us.
Let us love each other and not discriminate one another, for when we do everything with love, God is bound to be with us. When you read the book of [Matthew], Jesus says to Peter, “do you love me?”, and does not say, ‘Are you called?’ When it is love, you will do the will of God the way God wants.
When you have a loving mother all things pass. Let love usher you, if we had that love in us, you will be able to feed the sheep, Peter was told to feed the sheep and not to make disciples but as for the other disciple, they were told to go make disciples. Peter was not sent to the world, but with him (Peter), as with the matter of love, God does not feed everyone but the one He loves.
[John 10:5], “They will never follow a stranger, but will run away from him because they do not know the voice of strangers or recognize their call.” Realize, there are those that are not shepherds who can come. Therefore, who is the door keeper? The door keeper is our Father, so everyone who is fed by Peter will actually be fed by the Father Himself. Jesus only said to Peter, “Go feed my sheep”, so when the commission went out for disciples to go and make disciples, many actually thought of having many followers (disciples).
[Matthew 28], everything they did was to go make disciples, but Peter, was the only one who was supposed to feed. He was becoming a true Father through Love, for the Father feed and does not make disciples. Many people are hungry because none loves the Father; they are rather busy asking about how many members you have, instead of asking about what you fed your sheep.
Peter had a door keeper. And a door keeper is the one who keeps you, even while you are not born-again. Therefore, Peter become a door keeper and feed the sheep of the Father. God said, “I will give you a shepherd who are after my heart.” The shepherd is not after the sheep but after what the sheep are eating. More concerned for the sheep to eat. Contrary to this, we have disciples that have their own people. The shepherd feed the sheep while he is conscious of God.
Do not be a student that is not eating, you are the book, everything is written inside of you. When you are a shepherd, you trust your sheep because you know that you have feed them. Timothy is a letter of recommendation, he must not go around saying, ‘My Father my Father…’ in vain.
[John 21:16], “Again he said to him the second time, Simon, son of John, do you love Me, He said to Him, Yes Lord, you know that I love you. He said to him, Shepherd tend my sheep.” Are you a disciple or a sheep? Simon son of John was fishing and Jesus said to him, “Do you love me more than making disciples?” Some ministers are ushers at church, but that does not actually sit well with them because they love what they are doing ‘which is being a minister other than being an usher.’ Love God because of what you are doing.
The door man will bring the sheep to the shepherd, do not preach because you love preaching, when you are a shepherd you do not prepare, for it says, “Go and feed my sheep’, and not, “Go and prepare, and then feed my sheep.” Let God speak not you, some of you it is not the Spirit but your mind. However, with your love for God, everything that you do, will be received because God sees love. Do not pay attention to the other sheep. There is no shepherd that does not have sheep that rub on one another in the kraal.
[Matthew 28:16], “Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed and made appointment with them.” Verse (17), “And when they saw Him, they fell down and worshiped Him, but some doubted.” Imagine having a shepherd who doubts, not every minister is from God because there are days when some of them are so emotional and would go look for help because they would doubt the God that they serve.
He is spoke to those who doubt and to those who believe; so “Go and make disciples”, even those who doubt were sent out to make disciples. How do you doubt Jesus, whom you have seen for 3 years? These disciples were walking with Him, but when they saw Him they worshiped while others were in doubt. Love one another for you will not doubt Jesus but you will know Him in each other. And receive whatever you find in the temple.
Everyone is making disciples, whether they believe or not. When Jesus came, he secluded Peter and left the others, and said to him, “Go feed my sheep.” And to the disciples, He said, “Go make disciples.” Therefore, not all are Fathers, only Peter was allowed to feed the sheep. We are all Christians but the conduct is not the same, work for your masters as if you are working for Christ. There will be a conduct when Peter feed the sheep of the Father; let love speak, not discrimination. The shepherd loves the door man, and the question that says, “Do you love me? Was asked by him.
Knowledge never saved anyone, it convinces you and grace convicts you. There are those who leave their jobs because of knowledge, while someone who knows the truth stays and continue working. When you have a spiritual pastor, grab and run with whatever He teaches you. Some ministers do not care whether you are fed or not, they concentrate on increasing church members.
[Act 17:5], “But the unbelieving Jews were aroused to jealousy, and getting hold of some wicked men and loungers in the marketplace, they gathered together a mob, set the town in an uproar, and attacked the house of Jason, seeking to bring out to the people.” The church was divided because they did not have the Word, and Paul found the disciples and started to question them, and found out that the teachers that were there, did not actually teach them.
So Paul started to explain, he taught and also demonstrated from the scriptures and went to the market place. We teach and demonstrate! It is a market place because there are those busy fishing. And Paul came and fed the sheep for there was no one to feed them. When he came, the whole synagogue was divided.
[Matthew 11:2], “Now when John in prison heard about the activities of Christ, he sent a message by his disciples; and ask are you the one who is to come, or should we keep on expecting a different one.” You were looking for someone to handle your problems, a prophet, but there was another one who carried God, just like John who send people to see if Jesus was really the Messiah, however, John was only a prophet. In the kingdom there is no one who is the greatest, for it says, “Who is greater than John?” Do not force your way through but let God give you. They are in a market place, and in it, there can never be enough for there is competition. However, look for those who operate with love.
[Ezekiel 37:1], “The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones.” This is a church that was full of death, they were not fed, it was just bones and they were very dry, so ministers have been there, but they could not feed them no matter how many times they were fed, they were still dry.
Then, God said, “Ezekiel tell these bones to live.” So the mind of God was in the mouth of Ezekiel, you cannot fellowship alone. Some ministers began well but went wrong when they tried to keep the sheep closer losing concentration in God.