Do Not Discriminate

The recent teaching says that we must not discriminate, however, now a question arises, was God discriminating when He chose Jacob ahead of Esau? No, God cannot teach us who He is not, He is love in His fullness.
In [John 3], men discriminated, they loved darkness and hated the light. The children of Israel were only waiting for God to only come as the light, but God came in the darkness – they discriminated the darkness. You have to be conquered by Love – do not stand against Him (love as a person). Many of us have made our own decisions, choosing Fathers for ourselves because we stood against love, however, what is He saying at that time that you discriminate Him? Allow love to conquer you.
When God said, “Jacob I love, but Esau I hate”, it was because of the discrimination Esau had – He (Esau) never had love. How do we know this? It is because love does not grow, it does not have age – it is neither old nor young, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” If you come here and say you used to love God, you are lying, this was only a claim. The love that has age is the kind that can die, but genuine love does not die. This is the kind of love that allows you to see God in His fullness as one, not as the Trinity.
[Genesis 25:25], Esau did not have love because he constantly kept records of his young brother’s faults. Esau was so skillful – with love, there is no too much skill or knowledge about yourself. However, we see this with Esau. In love we do not need your skill. With Esau it is also all about eating. The kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking. If you do not operate in perfect love, you only think of yourself. You will want to be given food like Esau. When you are in love you do not do what benefits you.
Where there is love, there is no proposal, if you want to see this read the Book of Ruth. We were all playing around His legs and He took us in while we did not choose just as Boaz did with Ruth. When there is choice then it is of man and not of God. Boaz did not propose Ruth. God did not propose that He wanted Jesus to die for us, He decided and it was so. We were on earth with our earthly minds, forgetting that earth is His footstool. Jacob is a prototype of Ruth [which is the body of Christ], Boaz is a prototype of Jesus and Ruth is of the Church. She comes to sleep at His feet, playing around on earth and they make up, producing Sons without choice.
You might not like it but, love will lead you there. You will do things that you did not decide to do yourself. You will have passion for that particular thing but once love conquers you, you will follow what He says instead of what you are passionate about.
[Amos 3:3], “Can two walk together unless they agree?” – This is the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God, walking together, there is no discrimination – This is Jesus Christ Himself. “The Lion roars in the bush…” – This is the Cross. This chapter is speaking about no one but Jesus on the Cross.
Verse (5), “Does the bird ever get caught in a trap that has no bait?” – The bird did not even discriminate against the trap, He walked towards it without fear. Many only take verse (7) and (8), but what about the other ones before? This was a prophecy about Jesus Christ.
Who called Him God? When the bible said “He sent his only begotten Son”, He used this Word so that it might be easy for us to comprehend His message. Jesus Christ is called a Son because of submission, not because of flesh and blood. The Father Himself is the Son – when the Son sees Himself, He sees the Father and when the Father sees Himself, He sees the Son – They are both the Father yet they are the Son. So, let us not discriminate, this is the fullness of love.
When the Father is Unknown and becomes unknown to us as well, then it means we are not one with Him. We must be a revelation to Him because we are one with Him but when He is unknown you will not hear what He teaches.
[Ephesians 3:20], “Now, to Him who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask for…” – Asking comes with an open language, but what is hidden is the thinking. When He thinks, He does and give us what is of abundance. So, even you, when you think, it is a language that He can catch – citing that the Son is speaking. He does these things for us by the very same power that is in Him, this is the very same one that is in us – no discrimination.
Esau was only thinking of himself when he was hungry. God says, “I respect the decision of a man”, so, if you see the Father in the house and you see Unknown and it only ends there and someone comes and just look at him and only see a brother because they are always with him, and yet another sees love, then the latter has seen God in His fullness.
[Romans 14:16-17], “Therefore do not let what is a good thing for you [because of your freedom to choose] be spoken of as evil [by someone else]; 17 for the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking [what one likes], but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”
A fleshly man separates, he eats and then drinks but a Spirit man just takes and eat as one (partake). “The Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking”, but of love. There was no one to usher love into us but the Spirit. There was no one to swear by and as a result, God swore by Himself. This is why I said, “He used the word ‘son’”, so that we can comprehend what He was portraying. His love was fired into our heart by the Spirit of God.
The author of [1 Corinthians 10], was very careful not to discriminate; as he wrote – he freely gave the Word as it is and allowed it to reach everyone who may accept it.
The message of not eating went with to Eve from Adam – so, when she was looking at him, she did not see perfect love, she saw a man who was flesh and blood. Maybe had he said, ‘Do not eat from this’ instead of saying, ‘God said we should not eat of this tree…’ – when he said that he actually separated himself from God. It meant that he was no longer one with Him. God said, ‘Adam do not eat…’ He never separated Adam from Eve, there was no discrimination. If God speaks to Adam and Eve as though they are two then, there is separation, this is not a better message. A better message comes from drinking from the same spiritual rock. The blood speaks a better message.
[1 Corinthians 10:5], “Nevertheless, God was not pleased by them…” They drank from the spiritual rock, but God was not pleased. Some were only on about the drinking and never saw Christ. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of drinking and eating however for them, this was the only case. Let us not eat and drink when we partake from the body and the blood, let us partake because when we just do, it will just end there. What do you see when you partake? There is only one person on earth, and that person is love and you are that person.
“Abraham look as far as your eyes can see…” – The plan of God was not to show Abraham what he can see, but it was to show him what he cannot see– he ended where his eyes could, and God continued. It is not that a blind man does not see at all, for he merely sees darkness.
Esau says, “My brother fought with me while we were still in our mother’s womb”… “…took my birthright…” – he was counting. Even Cain was also recording. When you always murmur, you end up with the language of he who murmurs. Isaac blessed Jacob though he recognized that the voice was of Jacob – He knew that Esau was a murmur, and it was possible for him to adopt the voice of Jacob because of his unsatisfactory nature. If perfect love is not there, you will not be satisfied.
Many of us have discriminated unaware, that is why I said that people have chosen Fathers (spiritual) for themselves, saying to themselves, ‘This minister has a big church and a lot of cars, so let me go and submit to him’. If it was possible for love to be defeated, it would be defeated by itself. That is why God had to swear by Himself, because nothing was worthy. God continued to say we must not swear by anything because even He Himself, looked and saw nothing worthy to swear with or swear by. When we swear, it is by Him and Him being us.
What you see is what you partake in, when you see Christ you partake in Him but when you see flesh, then that is what you will only partake from. As a man think in in His heart, so is he – what you see it is you. When you develop knowledge, you become like Esau who is clever and begin to give out signs because all you see is flesh and blood. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. That is why Paul says the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking.