Baptism of Water and Fire

The bible should not be read in sequence, for it is a parable. In [Genesis], it was the woman who was deceived not the man, after listening, she bore the image of the serpent and produced seeds of knowledge of good and evil. God then cursed the serpent, and its head was to be crushed by the woman’s offspring’ and the heels of the offspring, and the serpent will bite. Look, the devil also operate in three, that is, a fake prophet, a beast and a dragon [the three frogs – devil’ trinity]. When Jesus was born, He fought the devil’s trinity. There is nothing original that the devil does. Jesus allowed Himself to die as the serpent bite the heel – that is how He destroyed the seed of the devil.
Every person who comes with a revelation, get persecuted for the revelation, and then passes on, enabling the next generation to live the very same revelation without being persecuted. Throughout the bad and good seed, there have been battles between the two. When the serpent spoke to Eve, he planted his own seed and it was transferred to Adam through eating [listening]. Hence, we see Adam knowing Eve rather than God, and the results were Cain [bad seed] and Abel [good seed]. Yet with us, we do not have the seed of the devil in us but the seed of God, and it is a fruit-bearing seed. What can grow our seed is baptism. When we go back to [Genesis 1:11], we realise that all the plants had seeds inside them; you cannot be a tree without a seed.
So, you can be fruitful even though you are one because you have a seed. Hence, when we marry, a man and a woman become one and not two. A tree does not need another tree in order to produce. The seed of God in you should grow but the sun [Son] should be there. Through Adam, we were born into a contaminated body. How did Jesus become the second Adam? By Judas who gave Him a kiss, Judas carried a bad seed and he transferred it to Him. Which caused Jesus to eat from him, which made Him the second Adam.
[Genesis 19], The first world was destroyed with water and the second time; the world should be destroyed by fire. The two angels came to Sodom. Lot and his family were told to run and not look back – they were only 4, they were still the world. After Lot’s wife looked back, they no became three and were spiritually significant. This was just a shadow of things to come. People are still waiting for fire to come and destroy the world, that event has already taken place! When the three ran [Lot and children], they went to a little city which was safe.
[1 John 3:4], what sins, is the seed of Adam and not of God. When we speak of sin, we refer to disbelief. In addition, there are then fruits of sin. Sex before marriage is one of the fruits of sin. So, Jesus came into the world to be do away with sin [disbelieved].
Ok, tell me if the devil was an angel before,and when was this? (Selah)… people got deceived by the fake position [angel] he took. The word angel does not refer to a being but a position.
[Genesis 8], everyone was sinful and the Lord wanted to destroy the earth. So, Noah took in some of the animals. We read that 8 people were saved through the water – where 8 marks the new beginnings [world]. For Noah to be saved, he needed to go through the ark, and now the second earth should be destroyed by fire. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed with fire by the Lord. From the 4 that went out of the place, only 3 got saved isn’t this prophetic? The flesh [earth/4] was destroyed the spiritual took over. We understand that earth was destroyed by fire.
[1 Peter 3], Go through Fire and Water. The Israelites walked in the dessert with a cloud of fire for 40 days, walking to Canaan. Water drowns everything that is not from God, but it can also save [as it saved the eight]. We do not want to be saved by water only but also by fire. There are many things that are attached to you withouteven knowing and if you just go through the water and fire, all will be loosed. Enthronement is authority, speaking from the throne of God.
Do not fight the water because it will kill you, relax and have a quiet Spirit! God is about to do something new. The minute there is a cloud, you know that there is water. When Jesus was at the mountain, He prayed and started to shine – this was the baptism of being enthroned [new glory]. There is a throne in the cloud, this is perfection – Jesus has been enthroned. The woman her sons to be with Jesus at his right hand and left but the question is, could they undergo the baptism?
When you walk through the waters and fire, the Lord will be with you. Just walk through it. You are going through this because you have to go through and bring out something new.
Scripture References:-
1 Peter 2
Matthew 3:11
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