Understanding the times we are in (part 2)

In the first part of today’s message I said, “With God, one day is like a thousand years”. And in the timeline I drew for you (note board); the gap between day one and two is equal to a thousand years etc. God made Adam as His seed (created him in his image). He then saw weakness in him; that weakness was to listen to other trees, and that is why separation became necessary (separation between waters from above and waters from below).
To show that this is where the fault was, God asked him a question after his fall, saying, “Who told you that you are naked?” Meaning ‘’who did you listen to?’’ God then performed an operation of separation; seed (stars) and the other seed (sand). The separation that God did was not between darkness and light, but between similar variables, which can also be; (water from above and water below).
This is like when an automobile company had designed a car, and there being pride of the invention for a few months, with declarations of statement(s) such as, ‘’we have made something remarkable…’’ But as people drive the car, then there happens to be a discovery of its weaknesses. So with intentions of improving from such, the company then makes a new model using the same brand, having improved its features. With this example, what I am actually saying is, God made Adam as His seed, however, He took the weaknesses (listening to the tree of good and evil through Eve) of Adam, and made what is best out it.
The timeline that I have drawn on the board resembles a seed of God and also, that of the devil, which was moving through the ages. Showing how the bad seed messed up the plan of God and how He always corrected. To check the steps of the buildup of this very message, see last Sunday’s message and the prayer message. For deeper insight you may order the DVD titled “Battle of The Seeds” and also order the DVD of today’s message.
God made a promise to Eve, saying, ‘’your seed will crush the head of the [seed] of the serpent…’’ That is why Jesus, had to be born through Mary, so that the seed that came out of her can crush the seed of the enemy.
Recall, John called the crowd who were coming to him to be baptized a ‘‘…brood of vipers…’’ Even then Lord Jesus, told the Israelites that Abraham is not their father, and that, their like their father the devil. With this, it clear that their conduct resembled that of the seed of the devil right from the Garden of Eden. Jesus (the light of Man) was born on day 4 (according to the timeline), (at His birth the serpent was crushed), this is the same day where the lights of the earth (sun, moon and stars) were created. So anything that comes after day 4 is a good seed, and was given power to live on and be incorruptible. “Not all will fall asleep, not all will see corruption.” There is a seed that will not be corruptible even if corruption attempts to corrupt them.
When situation(s) approach them, they are able to separate (discern) the good from evil. You need to be very careful; for you cannot live by the latter verse while you have not yet attained incorruptibility. Let’s say for an instance you are watching TV and you see people kissing, that scene causes you to have such a desire, causing you to become corrupted. Therefore, try by all means to avoid whatever can cause you to be contaminated.
For the Lord was never corruptible; the bible tells us that a woman who was caught in [the act of] adultery, was brought before Him. And it never told us that they gave her an opportunity to get dressed before they took her to Him, for that very reason, she was hardly dressed and seductive. He could have passionately lusted over her, instead focused on dealing with her heart and gave her life. Many ministers are not like Him, they are distracted by beautiful ladies people in Church? And even giving into the temptation of money.
You cannot live by the verse when you are still affected by what happens around you (still corruptible). Rather, if you are still corruptible, don’t take anything at all, whether good or evil. Separate yourself until you are perfected in mind, when your mind can reject things of the flesh that is then, when you can be in reality with your life.
When the devil came to Eve, he only spoke once. She listened and it changed everything. However, Jesus Christ came to destroy this damage at the cross. [2 Corinthians 10], “We capture rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ…casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God.” If you crush a head of a snake, its body will still move around for some time as though it is alive before it could stops. And that is what is happening with the body of the enemy, its head is crushed, but it is still trying to exalt itself above the mind of Christ. The truth is that it is finished with it!
Now back to the timeline. Jesus was crucified on 09:00 AM, Friday morning and died 15:00PM. There is something we must note here, the calendar of the Jews is not like our calendar, the day that followed began in the evening (18:00PM) of the exact day, yet with our calendar, as today is Sunday, we consider the start of Monday right in the morning of 06:00AM. However, with the Jews, as today it’s Sunday (considering 18:00PM), it’s already Monday unto them. Their Sabbath (Saturday) begins on Friday evening (18:00AM). That is why they did not want to leave His body on the cross while they go and celebrate the Passover. In [Leviticus 23], God says “Man can work for six days, but the seventh day he must rest”.
Remembers, Passover is an annual feast; where every family would slaughter a lamb (resembling the death of Jesus). But the year Jesus was crucified, Sabbath was on the same day as Passover. He died on the sixth day (15:00 PM), which was the day that took them to Passover (18:00 PM), so actually, Jesus became their Passover.
Passover began with Moses; when the Israelites wanted to go out of Egypt, they had to eat a Passover feast (a lamb and bread with yeast) and smear its blood on the door posts. When they celebrated, they ate leavened bread. And that yeast symbolizes sin, so after Jesus died, He bore our sins on Himself. As we know, Jesus is the bread of life, so what the Israelites ate became a representation of what would happen to Him.
After the feast, they ought to also eat unleavened bread – now bread without yeast. This represents purity, cleanliness etc. Remember I said, ‘’Everything God does is prophetic’’, even that part in the Old Testament when they were supposed to make leavened bread, we know that after mixing the ingredients, the dough has to be given time to rise. But because they had to rush, for the angel of death was on its way. They did not have time to wait for the dough, they made the bread not knowing that it was prophetic.
The Israelites had a celebration of first fruits on the third day, which was the resurrection day of Christ Jesus. Taking all their first fruits (seeds) of all they had worked for, taking it to God. Jesus resurrected as the first born among the dead (the first fruit). After this celebration, it then became quite for 50 years. In which He then went around preaching for 40 days. The number 40, resembles regeneration. After these number of days, He then told His disciples to go wait in Jerusalem.
Then followed a feast of Pentecost; a feast of bringing first fruits of wheat only. They ought to use the wheat to bake two equal loaves of bread. Then after their waiting, the Spirit fell upon them they spoke in tongues. (The prophetic number 10 stands for completion). The number 40 = New generation = New wheat; New bread. The two equal loaves of bread represents Jews and Gentiles being one, harvested together as wheat. And this wheat being the Word of God without weeds (processed on the threshing floor).
The next feast they must have afterwards was the festival of trumpets. It is what God told them in [Leviticus 23:23], where they went out and blew trumpets, doing no ordinary work on this day, presenting special gifts. This is celebrated on the ninth month (September month; according to our calendar). The Bible says ‘’When God speaks it’s like a trumpet of war…’’ yet when God speaks He thunders.
This particular festival, took place on the day Saul was hit by lightning while traveling to Damascus. So, God blew His trumpet, it thundered and the lightning hit Paul (See [Acts 9:3]). There was a first feast (Passover) – Friday, a second (First Fruit) – Saturday and thirdly, the (Festival of Trumpets) – Sunday, then after 50 days it was the Pentecostal feast. After He was hit by lightning, the next feasts that came had to occur subsequently. Israelites had to initially wait for 50 days, for a feast of the first fruits, and after this, feast they had to wait for months for the feast of blowing trumpets.
Paul became blind when He was struck. The succeeding feast was the feast of atonement. Atonement meaning washing. God told Paul to go to Ananias the priest, who prayed for Him and was enabled to see, removing the scales, the spiritual blindness. He was blind for three days – these days represented the three abovementioned feasts. There so, as the trumpet blew, lightning stroke Him, causing scales in His eyes. In the Old Testament the high priest was the one doing atonement, so a priest had to pray for Paul to remove (wash out) the scales that were in his eyes.
The atonement (Washing festival) that occurred was not of sin because the blood had already finished the work of washing of sins right in the first feast. Therefore, this atonement was obtaining spiritual sight and lives spiritually. But during this feast, Paul was still blind. The feast of the tabernacle came after that of atonement. And when it came, Paul said these words “I know a man, whether in body or out of body I don’t know, who was caught up into third heaven…’’, at this point, the dwelling of God is with man. When the tabernacle of God is with men, men enters the rest of God.