Fear Satan No More

Certainly, we know that history cannot be fiction. Therefore, we are not degrading the bible when we say that it contains it. Having said that, I have noticed that many people, including Christians, still have fear for Satan. I also remember the days when I was afraid of him, 666, hell, rapture, 2000 Millennium just to mention a few.
[2 Timothy 1:7], But any Gospel that brings fear is not of God; it is surely not even the true Gospel. As I grew spiritually, I learned that God has not given us the Spirit of timidity, but he actually gave us the Spirit of boldness and Power. Satan does not matter anymore! All we need to know is Christ! Even today with this teaching, I am not intending to teach you to fear him, but I want you to take note of how Christ actually defeated him. Understand that fear is a spirit, the minute you hear a message and you develop fear, just know that it is not from God. The only fear (reverence) one should have is of the Lord.
There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out all fear. To ask a question, between love and fear, which one is greater? This love is there is because the Father gave with His only begotten Son. This is truly perfect love, and if we believe that He died for us, then we have no chance to have any fear!
[John 3:8], The Devil sinned from the beginning, take note, he did not “sing or worship” from the beginning, but he SINNED! And how did he do that? He deceived. Hence, the bible warns us to be careful that no one deceives us. For an example, a drunkard on the streets is not a deceiver. But it is the one who drinks in hiding, and then worship God in public, such person is a deceiver.
Therefore, the devil was one (deceiver) from the very beginning, and as a result, the Son of God manifested; Christ [Word] became Jesus [Flesh] to destroy all his evil works. Thus, why do people still say, ‘’He [Christ] still need to come back and destroy the devil’’? The birth of Jesus was a clear sign that his(devil) works are over, that is, the moment He (Jesus) shouted; “It is finished!” before he gave up the ghost. This was a declaration upon the finished and destroyed works of the devil.
Moreover, if we actually get this Word, we will no longer postpone [Revelations]. For if we still preach the coming of Christ, that He is still to come back to destroy the works of the devil, then we are preaching the same message like some certain religious church. Which do not believe that Jesus is from God, but believing that He is just a prophet and the Messiah is yet to come. I want to make you aware that Jesus has destroyed him (devil). To pass this, an Anti-Christ is not the devil, but Anti-Christ is those who used to be believers, who actually went out of us because they dispute God’s operations. Hence, Paul said, ‘’…they came out of us…’’, of which they were never with us from the beginning.
Let us go into detail on what did He (Christ) really destroy. [Revelations 16:12], we know that the God operate in the order of three whenever He manifests, this order represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Likewise, we also know that the devil counterfeits everything that he implements. Moreover, in as much there is a trinity of God, there is also a trinity of the devil – the three unclean frogs.
Just like God = Father + Son + Holy Spirit. The three frogs mentioned above equates to Satan = dragon + false prophets + beast (Three frogs). These are spirits, operating in human beings. Just as God’s trinity, work in us. “These are demon spirits performing signs…”– signs in this case does not mean miracles and wonder but refers to the spirits manifesting/appearing/being seen. Hence, in Revelations 12, a great “sign” appeared in Heaven. Therefore, these three dirty spirits are after the kings of the whole world.
Let us be honest; nowadays the culture of kings ruling in societies is fading away, little by little. If people postpone this events in [Revelations] to the future, which display the how the Lamb defeated the devil; then which kings will the demons possess? Therefore, this event has already occurred. The dragon in [Revelations 12] had 10 horns and 7 heads.
[Matthew 2], the chief priests sat down with King Herod, plotting to kill baby Jesus This is like pastors who open cases for other ministers. The fury dragon possessed Herod and through him, it wanted to kill the boy. Therefore, no dragon is coming in the future; it already came when Jesus was born.
[Daniel 2:31], Let us look into the beast. There was great image with hair of fine gold [Babylon], arms and chest of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze [Greece] and its legs of iron [Roman] and feet partly of iron and clay. Then there was a stone that was not cut with human hands, which struck the image from the feet. The rock did not hit from the head but struck the feet and the statue [beast] broke into pieces. A beast is basically the body of the devil, remember the battle of seeds? A seed needs a body. The body [Jesus] that was prepared was to carry the seed [Christ], even the devil created his own body [Beast].
After the rock struck the statue, the statue became a great mountain [Hebrew 12 – the mountain of the Lord]. So Daniel 2, already took place. The bible does not say, ‘’We will come to the Great Mountain…’’, but it says we are already there on the mountain of New Jerusalem.
Jesus is the King of kings, the Lion of Judah, but we see king Nebuchadnezzar referred to as the ‘’king of kings…’’, why is this? This is because the devil always copies what the Lord does, he (devil) implemented it though Nebuchadnezzar in this case. God authorized Nebuchadnezzar to rule over Israel and other nations; hence, Israelites were given into the hands of the Babylonians in order to humble them, for they were not listening and obey Him as their God.
[Daniel 7], Daniel had a dream, which he wrote down. In this dream, he saw four beasts; each beast was different from the other. The first looked like a lion, but it had wings of an eagle. These wings were pulled off, and it was left standing on its two feet like a man. Then a human heart was given to it. The second beast looked like a bear, with three ribs on its mouth between its teeth. The third looked like a leopard. Then he saw the fourth beast, different from the other three beasts. And great authority was given to it, with ten horns.
Remember, Babylonians always perceived themselves superior than God. We saw this from the beginning where they wanted to build the highest tower. Yet, God had to humble them; this is why Nebuchadnezzar had to eat grass. And furthermore, the kingdom of Rome was the most powerful kingdom; and this was during the birth of Jesus.
[Revelations 13], A beast rose from the sea, and it had ten horns and seven heads. Are these not the same beasts that we read about in [Daniel 7]? Therefore, it was not four beasts but one beast. For all the other three beasts gave up their powers over to the fourth beast. In that era of the rulership of the Babylonians, if you did not have the mark of the beast [having bowed down to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar], you would be thrown into the fire. But Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow to it.
The woman in [Revelation 12] who was dressed in sunlight, with the moon and crowned with twelve stars, is not Mary the mother of Jesus, but it is the house of Israel. It is the seven woman in [Isaiah 4]; the harlot, who just wanted to have of the name of the Lord but not His provisions and or orders. This is a Jezebelic spirit; they tried to control the Husband [God]. This is just like some Christians who want to be called Christians, but do not want the Word of God or anything from Him.
Therefore, a false prophet is any person, a nation that does things without God. The moment you want to bear His name, but cloth and feed yourself, you are a false prophet. The house of Israel wanted to do things all by themselves, becoming like the prostitute which God had instructed prophet Hosea to marry, in order to show him how Israel treated Him [God].
The house of Israel missed the presence of God [Tabernacle]; it made sacrifices in vain for God was not there. In [Matthew 23], the Pharisees (Priests) [house of Israel] took everything from the kingdom of God causing it to suffer great violence. The priest gave out heavy orders of the law to people, which they themselves were not even able to bear.
[John 11:50], Remember, one priest would go into the inner place and sacrifice for the nation. Therefore, a Chief Priest, prophesied about the death of Jesus, which was true but he was still a false prophet, though he spoke such truth. Yet He was one of the people who plotted against Jesus.
Israel worked with Rome to assassinate Jesus. Pharisees went to Pilate in order to have Him killed. Remember also, it is God authorized power over the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. Hence, Jesus told Pilate, that he had no power over Him, other what is given him from above.
They had ten kings, which were represented with ten horns, as Daniel had seen them. These were their names: Julius, Augustus, Tiberius [Jesus was crucified during rulership], Gagula, Glaudia, Nero, Galba, Otto, Vitellius, and Vespasian.
The time Rome took over and when Jesus was born and after He died, it was a mess but after 70 AD(After Death) there was peace and the last person was John – this is history [go and search].
Iron [Rome] kept on ruling. The very same nation that killed Jesus is the same nation that killed the prophets of the old. [Revelation 17] The seven heads – 7 women – 7 churches [house of Israel]. The woman was then drunk with the blood of the saints. Nonetheless, when the rock came to crush the statue [Nebuchadnezzar], it is where the genuine Lion and the fake lion met and there was Armageddon. This statue depicts a timeline of kings rulership. Which Jesus the Rock was born to come and destroy through Christ. Laying down His life, and choosing to become a Lamb, and this manner, became victorious.
He conquered through humility. Therefore, do not fear the devil, he has been defeated. I am not going to throw away my television just because people call it the eye of the devil. If you know the truth, it will forever set you free. Do not wait for the three frogs, Jesus finished them off. He nailed the law on the cross. You are blessed.