Love is our home

At first, I am speaking the first love, who did you see? Who appeared to you, is it not the Father (the love)? I cannot see anything else other than the Father, so allow me to speak about the Father.
When Saul encountered the Lord Jesus, he spoke the word, “Lord…’’, and this truly caught my attention. So after this encounter, who is Paul going to preach? He is going to preach the Father – the Lord that he knew right from the beginning.
When a minister stands, he may have a lot that he wants to say from his own accord; standing, fully loaded with revelations stored up in him, but when he stand, such disappear due to allowing God to speak through him. I can’t speak what I want to speak, I have to allow God to speak.
There are many scriptures that I can open, yet that is not where God wants to take us. Paul understood the mystery of being led, that is why he said, ‘’…When I stand, it is no longer I…’’ When the Father stands and you are sitting& listening, what is it that you are receiving? I say you are like Paul, receiving personally from the Father. This brings us to this question; what do you see? Thomas and Phillip only saw Jesus (man). They could not see Christ. What we need to see is love. Love speaks, when you carry it and speak it, it will bring liberty to people. Love casts out fear, it carries power of deliverance. Deception can be removed by speaking love because love is in the truth.
Thomas wanted to see first, before he could believe, meaning the Word was not enough for him. [1 Corinthians 13:1], this is a gift, but a gift is also a spiritual, it is from God, a tongue is a tool that God gave us to communicate. But that very tongue can make noise and bring irritation to God when there is no love. Can God hear a prideful person? No. If you don’t have love, it means you are prideful. Love brings humility, so when the bible says, ‘’Humble yourself…’’, it actually means love.
Pride is evil that is why God said to those prophets in [Matthew 7] ‘’Away from me you evil doers…’’ Yes they prophesied, for sure they were accurate, solutions brought liberation to some people. But when the Lord came he said ‘‘Away…’’. Meaning someone never humbled himself. Pride kills and it does not walk with love. Prophecy can be done in accuracy, but as long as the love of God is not there, then there is a problem!
Even if I possess the power to understand mysteries. There is something I have actually gathered, but the mysteries without love, I would be only speaking information, and this can be dangerous to the mind. Understanding divine things is spiritual – there was a time man understood the spiritual realm, however, the moment love becomes absent, when such person operates, then, only information will only be given to people, instead of Christ.
When such enters the mind, it brings sickness (corruption). It will become a law because of being without Spirit. The law is heavy because the person who practices it, has to ensure that they practice all of it.
Jesus said, ‘‘I did not come to abolish the law but to fulfil it.’’ When the Pharisees came carrying stones ready to stone the prostitute caught in adultery act. They were interrupted by love kissing grace; when Jesus wrote on the ground, He spoke those utterances, hitting that part of the mind that stores the law.
[John 8:1], The Pharisees brought the woman to Jesus with two motives; to test Him (waiting for Him to make a mistake, so that they may have a reason to accuse and apprehend Him). And they also wanted to stone the woman because of what they believed the Law of Moses taught them. Love and grace had to intervene. However, then Jesus said to them, “Let he who is without sin among you, be the first one to cast a stone…” I tell you this, Information cannot trigger consciousness, and it makes it too cold that even when you see sin it’s too sweet.
Their consciousness was dying but they enjoyed the sweetness of sin, the information they were carrying was causing them to die gradually. Any person who comes carrying such information is empty of love, such person is an accuser. How do we deal with accusers? We give them love and grace. Love and grace kissed one another and sent currents to their minds and their consciences began to feel it. When love and grace come together they revive conscience, and this is when they began to hear the Holy Spirit.
This was the first time the Pharisees heard the Holy Spirit speaking to them. Adam and his descendants ate from the sweat of their foreheads but when grace came the prostitute was saved from the streets, she did not need to sweat anymore but just needed to believe. Yet the question is, how is she going to live on? By grace and love! Who will take care of her? That is, the very same who asked her ‘’Where are you accusers?’’.
One may be thinking, she was making her living from selling her body, what is she going to eat from now on? The fruits; love, peace, self-control, perseverance, endurance – all her needs will be met according to the riches of glory. If Jesus came without love, He would have been in agreement with [kissed] the people who carry information, meaning consistently saying, ‘‘Let the prostitute be stoned in deed.’’ But the Son had to display love! Love is easy, just abide in the truth.
Pharisees opened the scriptures without God, so God had a right to say, ‘’Away from me you evil doers…’’ unto them. It is important that wherever we go, you show love. The moment a brother does not, then they are opening a loophole for the evil one to enter.
You are supposed to be filled with it, but when you are filled with another, pride has entered. This can only happen if you are in agreement with someone other than love. The Father of this house is a dreamer, so even if you are not a dreamer you will see by the grace of your Father. These days our dreams are losing depth and detail because God knows that if He shows the weaknesses of your fellow brother, instead of you praying about it, you rather take pride and despise. Manifesting an unpleasant character, this causes God to now only reveal basic things.
When God show you deep things, He is entrusts such as a Son to display love. He can shut down dreams that you normally dream. I have to pass this message, it highly concerns us as Sons. People often belittle and change the way they receive people if they know about their weaknesses, this then means that the love that they are carrying is not perfected within them.
What God is saying to us is that we must be grounded in love. For there is completion because God is love. Whatever He gives is enough. Let us love one another! It is not wrong to inquire from Him about it either. To ask Him to deposit it in you. The Son will set you free. – The truth is in Him.
When you see me fumbling, you speak that love, freeing me from anything binding me from seeing Him in His fullness. His love is real! It has to bring us joy when our consciousness is stuck until we reach that perfection, that we understand that when the Father speaks (or a disciple he has sent in his name) you know that you are personally receiving from God Himself.
A woman was caught in adultery, however love overlooked sin, not that love could not see the sin of the woman. It chose to look over and see a Son in her, someone who God was referring to when God said, ‘’Let us make man in our image…’’. The minds of people who carry information are open to anything that can destroy you. Jesus said to her ‘’neither do I condemn you.’’
Love forgives but does not delight in sin, so go and sin no more. What do we see in this scripture? Love, seeing more than sin. When the Word comes and dwells in you, you become a true Son. This is what it means by God dwells in you. So let us go and display this love.
Are you doing what love would want you to do? We have heard what love is but are we practicing it? This love is revival. When the Pharisees were struck by the Word of love, if they had believed they were going to become born-again. And be in agreement with love, but because they are too full of information (law) they were blinded, and blinded by many, spreading doubtful a mindset. If you gave but it was without love, it is as good as time wasted. Yet when you give, compelled by love, your offering is a delightful melody to the ears of God.
We have heard many teachings about love, but when we don’t practice them, we are still making noise to God. And if we don’t change our ways, we are the ones who are going to be confused at the end. Love is easy, it dwells in the truth, it does not judge, it only speaks liberty, freedom. The love of the Father, we saw it in [John 8], the kind of information the Pharisees carried.
[John 1], the Word became flesh and dwelt among many, that Word was brought by love, that Word is love, it stood before the law. Love had to display His character because information and the law displayed its own character. Information makes you sick in the mind and the heart.
What they did brought glory to God, it gave love a chance to display…love looked at the woman and displayed kindness while the law and information brought bitterness and judgment! Someone was punished for our sins (Jesus) and we should be grateful. The Pharisees wanted the woman to pay a heavy penalty for her sins, the one who knew God had to come and show the other side, the Kingdom, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
The Pharisees displayed another side, they were seeking to devout the woman and to test Jesus. We should remain in this love and practice it. “Love is not puffed up.” This love showed this woman something, where there is information and knowledge, people are puffed up because they think whatever they speak is right. God cannot hear such a person, it is irritation Him.
Not that Ezekiel did not know that dry bones can live, he knew, his reply mirrored his humbleness. Love cannot dwell where there is pride. You have to be humbled for God to operate, otherwise I will be dishing out information. And this is murdering you. Pride, being boastful does not allow God to operate the way He should. I thank God that the Father is still coming to teach us more about this love. Do not be delighted that you can define love, can you practice that very love? Love means humbling yourself and allowing Him to operate. God is love, you cannot separate the two. Are we ready to practice such?
When Jesus was with the woman and the Pharisees, He was not puffed up. He was saying, ‘’I came to die for such to bring restoration.’’ He was not rude. Consciousness is the beginning of saying ‘’Go, the Holy Spirit is speaking’’. God was well within His capacity to strike the Pharisees with lightning to show love to the woman. “Love is not provoked, thinks no evil…” We never saw anger in Jesus, instead of Christ becoming angry He showed love. Instead of being provoked and show another character (rudeness), He only showed what He knows – Love!
“Love delights in the truth…’’ Jesus spoke the truth to the Pharisees and it hit them. He stood as the mediator between the woman and the Pharisees but even in that situation love humbled itself. Verse (8), “Love never fails”, and how many times have we failed to be faithful to God? When I say ask the Father I mean be in that room, meditate. When you do, you will notice that the answer you are looking for is within you. Christ must be fully formed in you until you are blameless. When you are blameless, the Father can now send you.
[Philippians 2:19], “For I have no one likeminded who will sincerely care for your state.” He is without blame, the Father has trusted him with his character. When he is sent he comes with the character of the Father, I see no flaws but an obedient vessel. So when Timothy is sent, he does not know anything except love. “For all seek their own…” There were others who were in that place or room, but they were there with their own interests, not those of the Father.
It is like the hired shepherd, when the wolves come, he safeguards his life and abandons the sheep of God. Love means humbling yourself and exalting your fellow neighbor. Can we do that? Their own interest came first, there was no perfect love. What happens when one is in lack and God has appointed you to provide for him, are you not the same with Cain? Who told God ‘’I am not my brother’s keeper’’, the words that he spoke showed that he was puffed up by the knowledge that he had.
“But you know this proved character”, He never came and showed you an attitude that is contrary to that which you have learned and seen from the Father, the Father trusted Him that way. Let us reach that stage, let’s not cause God to say, ‘’I regret creating man’’, a part of God is in you, so love will never fail until it meets that part. Love is fullness, and when it meets that part, the love of the Father is full in you. Let us serve with the Father in this Gospel. The Gospel that Paul was ministering was full in the Son that he could send him, his character was built by the Father. Let us give the Father our character, even some things that are hidden let us give them to Him.
He condemns no one, He continues to smile at you and love you – it is a message. Give your character to the Father, until He can say, ‘’Timothy my son, whom I am well pleased in, and I can send.’’ It is time that we introspect ourselves; it is not a matter that you have your own life outside Church. Whether you are at home or in Church, it is your life in God. For us to give the Father everything we are saying, ‘‘It is time we be blameless’’, until Jesus Christ comes. Whatever you have heard ‘’Do not merely listen to the Word but be a doer of it.’’
If you do everything in love, then you are a good minister of the Gospel. Because God is pleased through the Son. What the Son does is within love, that’s why the Father becomes pleased. We have been praying, however, was it in love? It can be a duty that you know, that you must pray.
And if it is done without love, then God will say, ‘’It counts for nothing.’’ Without love our prayer is nothing! We are people of love, wherever we go the love of the Father must be seen. When people were given names in this place, there was something that caught me, the name ‘’Timothy’’ the Father said, ‘’I am trusting you with my character’’ – the love of the Father. The character of the Father is in love – He wants to reveal His love to the people through the Son.
We can crucify flesh on the cross, but if we don’t continue in the Word, you will find yourself making noise in your serving.