True love confronts sin

Walk in the love of the Father. The bible says, “Love covers multitude of sins” – (see 1 Peter 4:8). Therefore remain walking in the love of the Father, not in the love that covers but rather exposes. When you are a Son, you must allow the love of the Father to expose the weaknesses in you. When God exposes weaknesses, I become happy because weaknesses lives in darkness. I delight when the He exposes me.
For true love doesn’t cover. The other, covers multitude of sins, however it doesn’t tell you the character of love. [1 Corinthians 13:6], “Love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity…” Covering without any delight, and this is due to not dealing with the sins.
When the covering leaves, sin still remains. But the love of the Father deals with it, confronting it in order to delight in you. The bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son” – [John 3:6]. When He is God to you, He sends His Son to die for you instead of correcting the sin in you. And Him dying for you is not perfect love, for perfect love is when He dies with you.
When God deals with sin in you, He deals with it through you dying. The Pharisees brought the prostitute to Jesus and said, ‘’She was caught committing adultery’’, and Jesus said, ‘’He who has not sinned let him cast the first stone.’’ They couldn’t kill the prostitute in her and bring out the daughter who is clean. They were just able to see her sinning and couldn’t prevent her from sinning in any way. Instead of responding to the Lord Jesus, they all left because they had sin in them – they needed the Father to cleanse them. When Jesus wrote down on the ground, He casted His stone by speaking the Word and that is ‘’…go and sin no more.’’ The rock crushed the prostitute.
By writing down, He was condemning the sin in the woman. To show that He is the Father. He couldn’t just cover her and leave, but He had to deal with it. When you no longer sin, this means you deny yourself. And this is perfect love. Jesus spoke to believing Jews who couldn’t maintain their salvation, they left even though they were believers. Which love do you want? The one by which your brother is afraid to correct you in the act of covering? Paul was able to rebuke Peter because what He was doing was complete hypocrisy. By this, He demonstrated perfection- rebuking
When Peter was with the Gentiles, he would eat with them, but when the Jewish come nearer, he would pretend that he was not with the Gentiles. None of the Gentiles rebuked him, but Paul. Perfect love is not one where we will be afraid of speaking. Let judgement begin in the house of God. When you live by the Word, you can’t say the other is judging you. Love doesn’t rejoice in wrong doings. If I am your brother, tell me when I am wrong!
If you are able to correct each other as brothers, it means even when your wife corrects you, you won’t feel disrespected because you are married to your sister. The bible says, ‘’Submit to one another…’’ – there is no longer head and body but you are oneness! Love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity, but in the truth. If I come and tell you the truth, as your brother why do you become offended? Love is a mystery, it is not a matter of preaching it only, because many can preach it, but not live it. You can only offer what you are, if you are love, you will give out love. [1 Peter 4:6], verse (8), “Be hospitable to one another without grumbling…as each one has received the gift minster it to one another”. Let what you have received assist the other. Serve the other by speaking the truth.
There is no grace while there is still sin. How do I teach you to say ‘No’ to sin while I still cover sin? When you cover sin you do not save the person instead you let them die alone without you looking. Serve each other by being a minister of grace – don’t end by covering but minister hospitality to one another. Verse (11), “if anyone ministers, let him do it with the ability that God supplies.” Don’t apply one verse without the other verses. Many cover in quietness. It must not be like that. We must go to perfect love which does not just cover but it corrects and saves. Your brother must be able to take you to the corner and make you realise your mistakes. To some, God shows His love by exposing you in public, allow God to go to all ends because of how He loves you.
[John 21:15], “Feed my sheep…”, you can’t do that when you are young. It is a matter of love – if it is perfect love then we die together. Peter became a prisoner because of love. Why can’t we guide each other? Aren’t you the Holy Spirit? You are a spirit man and you are holy, so feel free to guide your brother. Verse (18), “And another will guide you…”, not your Father. Jesus prayed that we may love each other so that the world may know that we are from Him. Don’t delight in evil but rebuke each other. Show each other the way to live. When Paul sent Timothy, he trusted him with his character, meaning they couldn’t prevent him from speaking to them.
You must be able to correct each other, expose each other’s weaknesses. God can use anyone to rebuke and show you the way. Don’t be puffed up! Verse (19), “This He said signifying the death he will die”, Paul says, ‘’I die every day…’’, meaning there is something that confronts his weaknesses. Die every day! Those who keep quiet and allow you to continue in your weakness are not your true brothers. Love confronts sin. When you die it doesn’t matter what kills you, but what matters is that you are at the cross.
Jesus died at the cross because all sin was upon Him. When they crucified Him they were dealing with sin because all they saw was only such. Woe to you Judas, Pharisees, but not soldiers because they were not in the wrong doing. Pilate and the soldiers took out Jesus and Barnabas and asked who to let go, and the people chose Barnabas because all sin was upon Jesus. When you have love you can walk among each other with freedom. [Matthew 16:23], “Get behind me, Satan…”, Jesus was talking about how He was going to die, and Peter denied Him hence He rebuked him. Peter wanted the love that covers. Jesus bled in Gethsemane and when soldiers came to deal with sin, Peter took out the sword in defence. Why did Jesus reject the statement when Peter said I will die with you?
It is because he was covering the sin that was upon Jesus. Verse (23), “For you are not mindful of the things of God…if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself”, many are still trying to save their lives by hiding sin. Love abides in truth and not lies. Woe to you who rejects love that when your brother corrects you, you become offended! Mene Mene Tekel!