Now God dwells within you” Part 1

We need to hear the Word of God in full – when we read it, we must do this with the understanding of the Holy Spirit. Remember, every event that has happened and recorded in the Bible is prophetic.
We have many prophetic numbers in it. For example, the prophetic number three represent the work of God, four is the Earth, seven is completion, and forty is a new generation. Now, the bible records that, one day is like a one thousand years unto the Lord. After Jesus died, each one of His Apostles had lived up to 70AD (After Death) after His death. He was crucified on the 3rd of April 33AD, in the first month of the Jewish calendar, which is when they had the Passover festival.
[Colossians 2:17], “Such things are only a shadow of things that are to come, and they have only a symbolic value…” For everything that was happening in the olden times with regard to the observations and practices the of old, God released a Word for it. Stating that, no one is to judge for they were a shadow of things to come. Such practices were not meant to be observed forever.
[1 Peter 1:11], “They sought to find out to whom or when this was to come which the Spirit of Christ working within them was indicating when he predicted the sufferings of Christ and the glories that should follow them…” We have the sufferings and the glories of Christ but the seven feasts I am about to talk about, are about the sufferings and the coming glories.
Prophets of old searched and inquired about the Spirit of Christ and the glory, without the knowledge that the glory comes after Christ has suffered. They were searching for the season of their occurrence. Meaning that every time they read the Old Testament, they knew that it was indicating to something but they did not know when it would actually happen. All the time the Holy Spirit would tell them that, what they are observing is not forever, indicating to something to come.
That is why when Jesus came and walked among the Pharisees, who did not even know that He is the Messiah. Even today, they are still searching for the Messiah. Jesus came like a thief. When the bible states that, ‘’…one will be taken and one will be left…’’ It is referring to the Jewish and the Greeks, for they adhered to a practice of working together on the field. And when it was time for prayer, they would close their stores, one would go (Jewish), and the other would be left behind (the Greek). This is what was happening in their culture, but God said, ‘’No it is Me, I am doing this because a time is coming, where this won’t matter.’’ – worshiping only at a particular place. Worship will only acceptable to God, where one is in Spirit.
No one will go to hell for believing in rapture, however, the truth needs to be told. Do you know how rapture began? It was introduced by the Roman Catholics, as a method to put pressure on people in order to cause them to confess their sins, threatening them that if they do not, they will be left behind on earth to burn and not be caught up in the heavens.
The most difficult life is of a Christian because they live in two dimensions at the same time – the physical and the spiritual dimension, and that’s why God was making Heaven on Earth. Earth would now feel like heaven because everything is now in the Spirit.
The Old Testament is prophetic; it is a shadow of the latter. All seven festivals were practiced by the Israelites in the days of old. The first three festivals, namely, The Passover (crucifixion), the Unleavened Bread (grave), and the Firs Fruit (resurrection) festival represent the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ. These festivals occurred in three consecutive days of His death, and all three are called Passover.
The bible says, in the second day God separated the waters from below and above, on the 3rd day, He did plantation, and on the 4th day, He created the stars.
See the following:
Day 1: God creates heaven, day one and says let there be light. (First Heaven)
Day 2: God says, let there be a firmament and there was heaven. (Second Heaven)
Day 3: God created the sun and the moon and He said it is the sky heaven, so there are three heavens
Day 4: He created the space. (Third Heaven)
Therefore, we have the sky, which is heaven, the space, which is heaven, and the heaven where God says it is His throne. Now, Paul comes and says, I was caught up into the third heaven.
Whereas the last four festivals, namely, The Festival of Pentecost (Holy Spirit), Trumpets (Voice), Atonement (cleansing) and The Festival of the Tabernacle (dwelling of God with man). People are still busy preaching merely about the first four festivals, as if they have not yet taken place. These last four, represent the coming of the glory of God. Realize this; the first three festivals (suffering of Jesus) intersect with the last four festivals (coming of glory) with a significant cross. Therefore, each one of us needs to have a personal understanding& a personal experience of all these respective practices. And this, is only through being caught-up.
[Exodus 19:10], ‘’Consecrate them today and tomorrow, and have them wash their clothing.’’ Verse (13), ‘’When the ram’s horn sounds a long blast, then the people go up the mountain.’’ God did not want to meet with Moses alone and the other few on the mountain. He actually wanted to meet with the whole nation of Israel. Unfortunately, due to their rejection, and their fear for Him, they failed to meet with Him. The bible tells us to approach His throne with boldness (see Hebrews 4:6), which is what the Israelites lacked. God despises doubt and a double-minded person, deeming yourself as unclean and unworthy, and this did not please the Lord.
You need to believe that Jesus died for your sins and that you are clean. In [Exodus 20:18-19], ‘‘Now all the people witnessed the thunder and the flashes of lightning and the sound of the trumpet and the smoking mountain; and as they looked, the people were afraid, and they trembled [and moved backward] and stood at a [safe] distance. Then they said to Moses, “You speak to us and we will listen, but do not let God speak to us or we will die.”’ Standing aside in rejection of God, opting that Moses be the one to speak to them either than God Himself.