[2 Corinthians 8:9-12]

This is the Chief Cornerstone Conference – this means there is a foundation and we are built upon Him. It says though He was rich He became poor – the foundation of riches is something else. Jesus had to put the foundation on. Poverty is our foundation. The Lord became poor for our sake so that we may not experience poverty. If you were to build a house by setting up the foundation first, Jesus says that He has done it for you. You do not need to go through poverty because He went through it for us – He became the foundation [the Chief cornerstone]. God became poor for us so that we may be rich. He did it for the sake of the righteous.

Those who are born of Him are not supposed to go through poverty because He has gone through it on their behalf. Jesus took everything bad so that we can have everything good. So, if you begin with, ‘He took our sins so that we may be righteous and you finish there’, you have robbed the cross of its power because it does not end in sins. It is sins for righteousness, poverty for riches, stripes for healing, lack for plenty, a weakness for strength, blindness so we can see, mortality so that we can be immortal. When we talk about the foundation, all the bad things are under it so that people may come and see the good things.

The struggle that you have experienced on earth is not enough for God to make you rich the way He wants. For you to be rich the way He wants, you must partake. Tell us your story. Your story is about how Jesus struggled for you. I am the worst sinner because I look at the sin that was on the Cross. When we say take your rightful place, you will not judge anyone in their sin and say they’re worse because this would mean you did not die with Him on the Cross – all things were crucified there. When you look at someone who is sinning and think they are worse than you, then you have moved from the Cross. So, that is why every person that comes and claims to be a sinner, I cannot judge them because I tell them that God can save them the same way He has saved me. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Jesus did it for us. Poverty is not meant for you, you cannot be ‘more than a conqueror when you are still suffering. We cannot reposition ourselves in the riches whilst we have not repositioned ourselves in poverty. Reposition yourself first in poverty. Not that you are getting the old man back but you are acknowledging that He died in the Cross. If you do not see yourself in the Cross you will never see yourself in resurrection.  When we carry His death in us we continually die in us. Denial is not progressing when it comes to the Gospel, it hinders you from moving on.

You need to first acknowledge that He was crucified. Denying the foundation will not make the walls stand. You have to acknowledge that there is something buried in your life. The minute we do that we can now repossess and claim what belongs to us. You cannot take what you did not pay for.

[Proverbs 13:22-23]

I cannot pray for righteousness as if righteousness is somewhere else. I am the righteousness of God. Confess who you are. Confessing who you are is not pride. I am righteousness. It is not prideful to say you are rich because it is what God has made you to be.

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