[Matthew 28:1-10]

These are the people who knew everything about Jesus. There are few points I want us to know today. The soldiers were more concerned about the angel that was at Jesus’ grave more than the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Romans 8 says that the Spirit that raised Him from the dead quickens our mortal bodies. People will look for you among the poor, the disadvantaged, the disappointed, the sick, among those who live locally but they will not find you.

The angel will come and say why are you looking for the rich among the poor? I declare this over your life. You have resurrected to dwell where you were not. God raised you to be the person you were not. Why are you looking for those who live in Sandton among those who live in Soshanguve? Why are you looking for the Mercedes Benz among the Nissans?

People will look for you where you died not knowing that His death moved you. The graveyard was to elevate you. You are not in the place that you were in on Friday. Why are you looking for the righteous among the unrighteous? Why are you looking for the joyful among the depressed? Why are you looking for those who are at rest among those who are toiling?

I declare this upon your life. You have risen with Him to another place. You are alive with Him. You are not where you were. I am speaking to everyone right now. The bible says that the body that dies in shame arises in glory. It is time for you to arise and shine in riches. I declare upon your life right now, you are healed. Stand up and walk. One thing I know is that when Mary went to the graveyard there were many graves, it was not only the grave of Jesus.

Jesus arose in the same place where many dead bodies decomposed. You might be living among the poor but you are different. Your grave was covered with a rock because the devil is afraid of you. You do not struggle the way others struggle because you are unique. The angel that spoke of the resurrection of Jesus will pick up your proposal. It can never be anything but His love. Love means sacrifice, leaving your identity to save the other. Love means giving up the ghost. It means being poor, being a sinner. Love means taking all burdens; it means that if you cannot do it, I will do it for you.

Love means I will take whatever is troubling you and go through it for you. Only love could bring us resurrection. It is the only thing that can position us to where we have to be. I am where I need to be, I am not going back because He is alive. Nothing else, but His love. I declare resurrection upon you as you read. Life in abundance. I speak the life that will resurrect every area of your life. Not just life but resurrection life. I say in a twinkling of an eye, you are billionaires and you are prosperous. He is alive and we are alive with Him.

Your father through the Gospel
Abraham Unknown