[Exodus 14:13]

You can boldly stand firm when you know that what you believe is going to work for you. You can never have faith in someone if you are not sure whether the person will help you or not. What I know is that when it comes to us, when God says stand firm and not be afraid, He means that we must stand with whatever Word we received. We must not be shaken by what is happening around us, we must stand even with what is happening around us. Our standing firm should not be determined by what is happening around us, however, it should be God saying that we must remain faithful in His Word. Even with our lifestyle, character, and daily chores, we must always remain faithful.

Someone might come and want to give you a different teaching but the Lord says that you ought to stand firm and see God fight for your salvation. The moment you hold on to the salvation you have received, the Word that you received from the beginning is the one that will help you through every situation and circumstance you may come across.

[Matthew 13:5]

This is the same as the Word when it is taught, it is taught to everyone and everyone receives it. As all receive the Word, it now comes to an individual on a personal basis. You receive the Word on a surface because you were in an environment where you had no choice but to take it? Some people receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, only because of the atmosphere they are under. The thing is that there is no depth of the Word in them because they were taken by the atmosphere, it becomes difficult for them to grow or stand in the Word.

When situations come you will burn and be scorched away because you are not rooted in what you have received. You did not water what you have received, you just browsed through the Word. It is easier to say that you are rooted in the Word by just browsing through it every day. Yes, your eyes have seen what the Word says but your heart cannot meditate on what you were reading. You may say you have received the Word because you heard the man of God teach about it. When you left what did you leave with? What did you keep in you? If someone can come and ask, what have you received from this sermon, can you even tell them just one word? Or you will only say the sermon was powerful only because you felt the presence of God without receiving the Word?

Remember that being in the presence of God does not mean you must not take heed of the Word, you must be rooted even in the presence of God because some can still fall while they are in the presence of God. This is because there are no roots for them to stand on. No tree can stand without the root but it will always be rooted out, we need to be rooted in the Word of God.

Matthew 3, tells us that an axe shall cut in the roots of a tree and that tree will be thrown in the fire. If your roots are not deep enough or are being cut off by what you are meditating on daily as you are only focused on the presence of God instead of focusing on the Word as well, you will lose even the roots. You will find that even the leaves that appear to be green, will be blown off by the wind because they are not nourished by the Word. It is very important to be rooted in the Word of God.

I used to enjoy just being in the church until I learned the danger of just being in church and not in the Word. The lockdown has swept away many who were not rooted in the Word but enjoyed being in church as well. Some might say they are rooted because they were able to hold on to serving while they were not in church. Although serving can keep you, there is something that is far greater than serving and that is the Word of God. Being rooted in the Word of God is what will keep you even in serving.

[Matthew 15:12-13]

If you receive the Word that is not from God, it means you won’t be rooted because you have been pretending to be a son while you are not rooted in His Word. You have been standing firm because you were taking His Word as daily motivation. The Word is not here to motivate us but to teach and keep us, we must become what the Word says we are.

[Matthew 13:5-6]

You have received the Word and you take heed of it but where are you and who is surrounding you? Because the company you surround yourself with can choke the Word you have received, they can chop the character you received from the Word and you end up like them. Some fell among thorns and they were chopped because they thought they could still stand the opposer of what they believe in. Grow the Word in the right place and make sure that your roots are deep in the Word of God, not with people who do not share the same believe as you.

You need to grow the character of Christ in you but how can you do that while you are surrounded by unbelievers? This is the opposite of what you aspire to be, you cannot mix yourself with them. You do not fall because you are not strong, but you fall because you put yourself in the pit and you expect to remain standing. When God said separate, it is because He knew you are not strong enough to stand those people. Sometimes we are fooled by the thought that we hear God therefore we can stand anything. Do not make a fool out of yourself by moving from where God has placed you, do not think that you know better. You are of the Word of God.

People can see the goodness of God through your character, you do not need to be with them so that they can see that God is good. As you are far from them doing the Will of God they will see the Christ in you. I believe that the one who is rooted is not shaken by anything, we have seen trees that are not moved by anything, this is because the roots of these trees are strong. When you are like those trees, then they will know that you believe in God and only Him which is why you are not moved by any other thing.

For those people who are easily pulled out of the Word, it is not that they are not rooted but they are just lazy, even though they believe in God they cannot be changed by the Word. The things they have acquired in the Spirit have not manifested physically because they are not practicing what they believe and all they believe turns to be in vain. When God said all things will pass, He meant everything is up to us to not let the Word pass away with all things.

Let us not be lazy in the name of we are being patient, we are waiting for the right time. You are rooted in the Word and you know what is expected from you, therefore stand up and act accordingly. If you are not rooted enough you will watch people be fruitful while you are not because there are no nutritions from the Word, you will not bear fruits. We will see you scotched when it is your season because your roots are not deep. This is all about you being rooted in the Lord and being faithful to the Word that has been released to you. You do not just become a faithful servant by serving only but by also keeping and living according to the Word. Not mixing yourself with everything and everyone.

Some blessings are being chopped by the company you keep, be careful who you fellowship with. When Moses said stand still and do not be afraid, rejoice for you shall see the salvation of the Lord, he meant that this salvation you have received has the power to make you standstill. As long as you embrace and acknowledge it, you will see the power of God in your life. We are the immortal generation but without the Word, we will die. Expand your roots because trees with short roots don’t have a long life. Focus on the Word of God.

Another thing that can take you out of the Word of God is living in the past, this can
destroy you. The knowledge of the past can
destroy the roots and relationship you have with God. Living in the past steals the present time to meditate on what God is teaching at that moment. Beware of the past you visit, do not look back to live on the things you have left behind but look back to give God glory for the things you have left behind. Let them strengthen you to push you further and deeper in the Word of God, not to relive the moments of the past.

We might have adapted the good character but we can’t live up to the standard of these characters if we live according to the past. How you receive and practice the Word of God, determines how rooted you are and your depth in the Word. Your character tells how deep your roots are. You must know that when you are lazy to meditate on the Word, it means you are lazy to pray because these two cannot be separated. Do not be the kind of Christian who cannot survive the desert.

When God said we are the image, He expects us to survive in every environment. If we are not rooted enough we cannot survive every environment. Remember the deeper the roots the more the tree can draw water from afar, even though the ground is dry. When your roots can’t draw, you will not produce, you will just hover around without direction. Be rooted so we can see where God is taking you and also that you will not have to experience a dry season in your life. This might be a season where God is silencing us, but He is not saying that we must not dig deep in His Word. Do not relax in the name of God will speak for you, continue to meditate and pray. Worship and commune with the Father day and night.

When you are rooted in the Word we will see by the fruits of the Spirit in you. We will see the greatness of God in you, we will see the eternal life that God has released in you. Only because you are rich in the Word, there will not be in and out of season with you because you will be rooted in the Word.

[John 14: 1]

When you are rooted in the Word of God, you will not be troubled in any way because you
will be eating straight from God who gives life. The Father says that He is the true vine and He is the vinedresser. This means you must be attached and be one with the Father, even if you might be among thorns, God will take away all things that are not of Him in your life. Nothing will choke you because you are in the Father. When you abide in the Father He will prune you, be careful that you do not reject being pruned even when you are rooted in the Word. Allow the Father to prune you always that you may grow according to how the Father expects you to grow.  The Word of God is greater and God loves us all.

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