Before we start I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents in the Lord, Abraham and Abigail Unknown. I believe we had a wonderful Easter weekend and we have died and risen with the Lord, and our characters have changed to become like Christ. I want us to speak about the receiving of the Word. As Christians, when we hear the Word, are we translating the power of the Word in our lives? Do we change according to the Word? It is not a mistake that you hear the Word of God, there is a reason why you are available to hear . It is very important that when you hear the Word you respond according to it.

The Bible says when the Word of God comes out, it does not return to Him without geminating the seed. When the Word of God comes out something needs to happen. Is the Word manifesting in our lives? We are the only ones who can hear the Word of God on earth, because we are the ones who have the Spirit to connect with God. The Word comes directly for us as His children and not for something else. God cannot rest where His Word cannot dwell. His throne is His Word, so He cannot dwell in us if we do not have His throne in us. Is the Word being translated in us or does it come and go?

We need to become the Word.

[1 Corinthians 11:23-34]

Remember, the bread that He took is not the bread that came from heaven but it was made by someone on earth. It was made with flour, water, yeast, etc — the ingredients were not from heaven. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this bread. He took the bread, and after praying He broke it and said it is the body, yet it did not change to becoming a literal body.

Jesus said this bread is now my body, meaning the bread heard the Word when He said it is no longer the bread but the body. Immediately after Jesus said this, it means its behaviour was no longer that of the bread. The bread has become the body that judges, it translated the Word and became the body of Christ that judges.

If such bread can do that what more about you and I who hear the Word? This body became more powerful than the people who ate it, because it put a standard that the one who eat should eat in such a manner. Hence Jesus said whoever eats this bread in a wrong manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord (see verse 27). If the bread can translate the power of God what more about a man who is so loved by God, a man who has an opportunity to hear the Word of God? A mere bread can heal your sickness, a mere anointing oil can open your doors. We need the ability to translate the power of God in our lives. Let us not be hearers of the Word only but let us have the ability for the Word to work in us.

We have heard how much we died with Christ and rose with Him but have we translated the Word? We have heard the Word about claiming and prospering but have we translated? The only thing the bread heard is that today you are no longer bread, and this took place immediately, it didn’t take years for the bread to become the body. The Word of God is enough. God will not come down and change you personally. The Word that He utters is enough to make you change. Anyone who eats this bread must examine themselves. The ordinary bread that God has spoken upon has been raised so high that not everyone is allowed to eat it unless they examine themselves. This is an error, it is an error for us to examine ourselves in the first place before we eat.

We are kings and priests, this is what the Word tells us. We are gods, do you think before Jesus Christ ate the bread He examined Himself? I don’t think so. On Sunday, daddy Abraham said we are no longer going to say Jesus died for us but we change our speech and say ‘I have died’ because we are one with Christ.

We need to become more than the bread because we are the bread of life. I am comparing us to the bread. How long must we hear the teachings, or God speaking? Is once not enough? We need to translate the power of the Word otherwise it becomes useless for God to speak if we do not translate the Word. When we were praying we spoke of the armour, and said we are not fighting carnally but we are fighting spiritual battles and principalities. How can we fight spiritually if we do not have the Word?

The evidence that we have the Word is not when we speak or quote it, and not when we teach on the pulpit but when we are changed to becoming the Word. Let us change and become the Word, let us not become a storage of teachings and not be part of the teachings. God says to John do not write down but eat. When you eat cabbage the potassium that you get from it becomes part of you. There are those who God says to them ‘do not eat but write down’. Some of us are not even known by the spiritual warriors, we are civilians in the Spirit. You cannot fight a spiritual battle without the Word. When David was fighting with the Philistines he said ‘I come to you with the name of the Lord’.

What is the difference between the bread and I? I’m making an example with the bread, but this relates to everything that God ministered to and was deemed more powerful than us.

We have anointing oils which the man of God has prayed upon, the power in these objects needs to be translated in us. I can’t even count how many times the man of God prayed for me or spoke upon my life. Do not let any object hear God more than you. When the Word of God comes, it comes for people not for objects.

[Hebrews 5:12-14]

Truthfully many of you ought to be teachers meaning every time you hear the Word there is a level of maturity that you need to receive. There is certain level that you need to occupy.

Hence it says you have not changed, because by now you should be teachers but nothing is changing. You have been the same person for so long. We are stealing away the power of the Word. The Bible says ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God’, this is the very Word that translated ‘let there be light’ and there was light. Every Sunday we meet at church, we receive the Word and we fall under the anointing yet the work of the Word that we receive becomes evident at home. We can pretend to do everything at church, you can pretend to fall under the anointing without the Word.

Let the Word not be seasonal in you, let it be your lifestyle. If we had the Word we would have survived the lockdown but we saw people falling away after two weeks of the lockdown. Let us not be a storage of the Word.

Let us not fall in the trap of being storages of the Word, yes we know the Word but do we use the Word? The devil also knows the Word and he quotes it. Let us not be hearers only but let us be doers of the Word. When we hear the Word let us not harden our hearts.

There is a scripture where God says if we do not worship Him He will raise stones to worship Him. Then you ask yourself how will stones worship Him? The stones can translate the power of God more than us. You remember Balaam who was on top of the donkey? The donkey was able to translate the power and was able to tell him that there is an angel with a sword. Some of you, your situations hear the Word of God more than you. You become surprised why things are not working out for you, it is because you are not where you are supposed to be. You are connected here specifically for this Word. When you have heard it, it is for you to be transformed and transfigured.

The moment you hear that a minister of the Word preaches about you and you become then you must know that your heart is hardened. Let us be joyful knowing that God loves us and He addresses our issues. You ought to be teachers by now, how long must we hear the Word God? (Verse 12), meaning every time you hear you forget, someone has to come again and teach you. You only store the Word, we only hear the Word in you when you are in the pulpit. Let us change, and not want to hear one thing over and over again. Let us conform to the Word, let us translate the power. Someone said we are ambassadors of Christ on earth, the very same power that comes from the Word of God is the same power that comes from us when we speak.

Solid food is for the matured, before you can mature you need to drink milk. Every time you drink milk you mature until the time where you eat solid food. So because they do not translate the teachings they have received they are not maturing. Every revelation that comes from the Word of God comes with its power. When you drink milk you become stuck with the elementary teachings of laying hands. When you drink milk you are confined to the elementary things but when you are on solid food you begin to understand the language of angels. Every revelation comes with its own levels. When you are on elementary things you can’t hear the things of the matured.

The Word of God is alive and active, and for you to have a relationship with God you need the Word and He needs your word, meaning there must be communication. [John 8:31], ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples’, God regards us according to how we hear His word and how it works in us. He does not regards us by the times we go to church, but He says if indeed we are His disciples we must hold on to His teachings. God regards us in accordance to how the Word manifests in us. Being there and hearing the Word doesn’t mean anything, but it means something when you hold on to the teaching.

If we do not have the Word how can we do more than what He did? Let us translate the Word, let us manifest the Word in our lives. Let the Word not be dormant in you. I know that you know that the Word in you is not effective. Let us move to maturity. It is not like God is teaching us applied mathematics, but He is simple and His simplicity is His power. He said I am going down to them and I am going to teach them. The Law was so difficult and they didn’t understand that. They thought that they were righteous if they do not kill, but they didn’t know that just by thinking about it they have committed murder.

He did not want to be a teacher that teaches you theory and expects you to do it practically alone but He also did the practical part. Every power that God demonstrated was through speaking and nothing else. This is the Word that was in the beginning and the very same Word is in us. Where is the truth coming from? It comes from the teachings. Are you free? If you do not have the truth you cannot fight in the Spirit. The Bible says wear the full armour of God, you cannot go into war without a helmet, you might as well take the rest of the armour off. You must wear the full armour together with the breastplate of truth.

Is the Word equipping you? Is it giving you the helmet of salvation? Some of us say we have received Christ but we have not. [Acts 13:1-3], as you hear the Word you must know that the power is in you. It is up to you what you do with that power. Are you using it or you just leave it dormant? Christians are the most powerful beings in the world, and not only powerful but you have God who is the highest God. This is the same God who was in Genesis and said ‘let there be’. Are you saying God who is in us can’t say let there be and things become?

We are the ones taking the power out of the Word. If you can eat the body and the blood and you get healed what more when you speak to your bank account. Do not doubt the power. The Word says ‘greater is He who is in you’ but it seems like the one in you is as greater as you are. It is such situations that makes witches more powerful than Christians. There is a motion that the government undermines Christians, but don’t you think they would respect us if we got rid of the corona virus. The power is there, we have received the Word which comes with power and manifestations. Where the Word is wonders are there following. Power is here.

The Word will begin to work and you will begin to see the results of the Word when you start exercising it. You need to speak it, let us not be surpassed by objects that do not have relationship with God. I believe we are hearing the Word, and I trust that as you hear you are starting to receive the power. Speak to your business, your carrier, job, children and family. You speaking will not subtract anything but you stand a chance to change everything. The bible says you do not have because you do not ask. Believe in God with your whole heart. Do not doubt what is in you. The only thing that is closer to God is you.

The only thing that can move God is you. The inheritance is for no one else but you, you are the only son of God. God loves you and He wants you to be successful. He wants everything that you touch to turn into gold. He wants to see you at the top hence He gives you the opportunity to hear His Word. God loves you and He will never shame you. Speak and exercise the power, He will never disappoint you. Let’s bring the Word of God into activity. Our job is to rest and the job of the Word is to work. No one can touch God than us, hence He was able to give away His son. Prophets, evangelists are there to make your life easy.

We have all the power in us, there is no greater power than His Word. You will not receive any other power than receiving the teaching. I want you to eat this Word, do not write it down. Become the teaching. I thank God that you are listening and that we are moving from glory to glory. Thank you for listening. We are going to minister and we are going to receive the power. When you speak you don’t have to see lighting coming out of your mouth to know that you are powerful. Let the Word do its job. It will not return back without geminating the seed. Once you speak a Word it is up to God, your job is done.

Are you not a vessel? You are a vessel, you just speak a Word and it is done. You do not speak a word that you do not believe, but you speak what you believe and what you want to see within you. There is power and it works in your personal life. Some people want to see someone change in order to believe that what they spoke is powerful. It needs to begin in you. When God said let there be light He already knew that there is light.