[Revelation 5:1-3]

Many people when they hear the Word of God they exclude themselves from some of the messages. Every message that comes from the pulpit is for you. The whole bible is breathed by the Word of God. Never separate yourself from the Gospel. No matter what it is, never separate yourself from the Gospel.

We want to be at the right hand of the Father. Whenever you ask Christians where are they spiritually, they will tell you that they are seated at the right hand of the Father. No one wants to be at the centre but the right hand of the Father because they know that it is where you rule. Everyone wants to rule but no one wants to be taught how to rule. Naturally, no one wants to go through the learning curve. When things are difficult, that is when they realise that they needed teachings. People separate themselves from the message. They do not receive all messages. Every time the message is spoken receive it knowing that God has spoken. Do not choose which message to listen to or take.

Every Christian must tackle everything Spiritual before they can tackle it physically. People want to go according to what they want. This is why they are able to choose and pick the messages. When you have authority upon you [your father] do not treat him as if he does not know. Some people are powerful believers even though they are not born-again. You find that when they have any kind of problems they go to their witch doctors but you as a born-again you choose which problem to present to the father.

The message relating to you is not only what you receive in counselling but also what is taught in the pulpit. It is not many that went to Jesus in private for counselling but what was important were the teachings that Jesus taught amongst the multitudes.

You will then realise in the future that God was preparing you for what you will be going through at that time. Do not try to reason with the father but do as the father says. Many things that you were taught as a child seemed irrelevant because you were not a father or mother, you did not know that the elders were transferring their knowledge to you. Knowledge needs to be transferrable. Do not choose what to take.

[Matthew 20:20-23]

The mother rejected the teaching by saying that. Jesus was not teaching the disciples to sit at the right hand. Jesus was teaching them about the cup but they decided to sit at the right hand. We want to sit at the right hand. We want to go to the right hand but we do not want to pick up the cross. When that happens, it is the Father who approves. The sacrifice is approved by the Father. Study the Word, do that so that you may be approved. Being approved – we see it when you are sitting at the right hand. Do not pick messages so that you may be approved. When you pass Accounting but fail other subjects you will not get your matric certificate unless you pass all required subjects.

You may excel in certain areas but fail in other things. You may excel in prophesy but fail in submission. It is not about what you excel in but passing everything. When you are tested you must pass everything. Receive as the father teaches you. What is from the pulpit is yours. Allow the Word to deal with you. The same Word that is light unto your feet, if the same Word does not make you uncomfortable it is not the true Word. If the same light does not brighten your eyes it is not true. Jesus had to deal with the eyes of Paul. That is why he was blind for three days. He needed Ananias to remove the scales.

The Word may expose weaknesses that you do not know in your life. Which is why David said search me oh Lord. We do not become great because we were born great but we become great because we had fathers that pruned us. A tree that is not pruned can still bear fruits but when it grows it does not have direction. It will never go high but will go aside because it is not pruned.

It does not mean that when you are not taught you will not preach, you will preach but you will never have direction because you are not pruned. When you are not pruned you are all over. Do not be that kind of a person. Accept everything that the father teaches. Do not be happy when I give you a wife to marry and sleep with but not be happy when I circumcise you. You are taught to grow and not to be suppressed. Do not allow what they wear to prevent you from learning. Do not allow how the father teaches to prevent you from learning. Many people concentrate on the method instead of the teaching. Discern the teaching. If you do not discern the teaching you will never be like Peter. Paul was able to rebuke Peter, he never denied the teaching. He understood that God is speaking here. When you are like that, you will never reject the message of God. Do not reject the message from God because of the package. It is easy to reject the gift from God because of the package. When I teach you, receive no matter what. When you are taught, you will be approved to sit at the right hand of the Father.

[Hebrews 3:15-19]

Many hear the voice but they harden their hearts. The very same Israelites that complained to Moses and made idols are the same people that listened to Moses when he said let us leave Egypt. When God was taking them through dessert, they complained. They picked messages. Do not be a generation that when the message is preached, you have your selfish ambitions. When you love yourself more than God you will not hear God.

When you harden your heart it is rebellion. The rebellion did not start when you decided to leave the church but when you were taught and decided that the message is not for you. In the ministry of Moses, many were with Him and heard God but as time went they became rebellious. They were led by Moses when they left Egypt but they rebelled. 40 years delay was caused by rebellion. The very same people that were disobedient in the dessert are the same people that heard God saying that it is Canaan for you to enter. God gave them 40 years to repent and come back to Him. People need to go back to God.

[2 Timothy 2:15]

Present yourself with what you have been taught. By doing that you will be approved. The approval is when you are sitting at the right hand of the father.

[Psalms 1:1-6]

Mockers are the ones who do not believe in your anointing. If separation does not begin in the family it is not separation. Separation does not start outside but starts within. One needs to learn to separate from within before going outside. A relationship is determined by how it is handled and not the title. Those who mock your salvation let them fulfill their parental duties but do not fellowship with such. Do not walk with them, do not stand on their path, and do not sit with them.

[Genesis 12:1-4]

God was aware that Abraham had a family that loved him. When God wants to do something mighty in your life he separates you. People in the world know that for them to be something they need to separate. When it comes to you going to school or marriage you do not challenge the devil but when it comes to serving you want to challenge the devil.

Abraham had to separate from them because they were ungodly. If they were not ungodly God would have said that Abraham must leave together with his family. Separating from them does not mean that you do not love them but because God wants you alone you have to separate.

[Genesis 37:12-14]

Joseph did not do what his brothers do because he was a dreamer. When the father sent all the brothers to go and take care of the flock, Joseph did not go with them. These are his brothers, they were sent by his father but he is with the father. Joseph was always with the father. Even when his father sent him to his brothers he was not sent to fellowship with them but to go check and come back and give the report to the father. Joseph separated. It was not a matter of he was missing them but it was a command to go and check upon them. He did not go to stay but he went to go check and bring back the word to the father.

He did not separate only when he was in Egypt but also with his family. There was separation when they were in one house. Joseph was coming with another anointing that they did not know. They knew how God spoke to Abraham but Joseph came with something new that they did not know. They rejected the anointing. That is why Joseph separated from them.

He separated from the brothers and his father because they did not believe in his anointing. He is a dreamer, they believe in the same God but did not believe in the anointing of Joseph which was given by the same God whom they believe in. He called for Benjamin and not for the father and brothers because Benjamin was not given an opportunity to hear the message. A dreamer was rejected because they know of God coming to speak to him. The dreamer protected his anointing. Protect what God has given you. Joseph had to protect his gift of being a dreamer because it was the one to elevate him in the future. When he went to jail, it was the gift that took him out. Protect what is yours because when it is time for it to work for you, you will find that it is no longer there because you did not protect it. It took him out of jail and made him an advisor to a king. What you are ignoring is the same thing that should open doors for you in the future. If you do not protect it, you will lose it. Protect what God has given you.

We look at the Egyptians that did not believe in God, they never mocked Joseph’s anointing the same way his brothers mocked him. When he went to Egypt he found people who received him and because of that Egypt got saved. Egypt honoured the gift.

[Genesis 41:55-57]

The king honoured Joseph. There was a time where Egypt was great because of one man who separated. All countries knew Joseph. They know him because of his boldness. If Joseph did not separate from his family, he was not going to see Egypt. His separation made them jealous and they sold him. By them selling him he went to Egypt and became great.

Stop looking for help from people who do not believe in your God. When he was jailed he never went out to seek help from his family. Let us help each other amongst ourselves so that no one can be tempted to go back.

[Genesis 13:12-13]

Sometimes God separates you from them because of their thoughts and not what they are doing. When Abraham was separated from Lot, Lot chose Sodom and Gomorrah. Some of you cannot hear or see because you are still connected. Abraham could not lift up his eyes because of Lot. After separating with Lot he was blessed. There are people when you walk with them things in your life delay. There are some people who submit under me but do not believe in me.

[Matthew 13:57-58]

Hometown is where there is no honour. There are things that are not happening in our lives because of the unbelieve of the people we are connected to. At least let them believe that these dreams are from God. God does not perform where there is unbelieve.

People you are connected with may be blocking what you are supposed to receive. If you are not experiencing supernatural miracles check your connection. Do not bring peace where there is a sword among you. The Word is the one that separates.

[Matthew 5:5-9]

When we separate people think that we do not bring peace and the Word separates. Let the Word become your peacemaker. That sword is peace to us because it is the Word. People want the peace of this world and God is not bringing that kind of peace. You cannot be a peacemaker by keeping the peace of this world. The peace that Jesus has given us is the Word. The peace has a sword that separates. Be a quiet person among your relatives.

[Matthew 10:34]

  1. This sword is our peace. Become a peacemaker. Not the peace of this world but the peace that is a sword. God is speaking to you. Do not go and say no this one is not for me God is speaking to you. When you hear His voice do not harden your heart. Do not be picky when it comes to the messages.

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