“Lucifer is not the Devil” Part 1

There are two scriptures that mislead people, and have messed up all this doctrine of Satan and Lucifer. And what is amusing about people who even teach about rapture, is that they have steps& more than thousands of years to build up theology regarding it. But we, have incomplete puzzle pieces of teachings of God (through the Holy Spirit) and also, just few days of the Holy Spirit to teach us the real truth, we ought to bear with Him (The Holy Spirit) for He will teach us and everything will at the end add up. That is why when a teaching comes up (recently), we get the opportunity to refer back to my former teachings, this is because all the teachings add up and complete the puzzle, which now add up to give us the entire bible.
Therefore, as I teach now, it might seem as if the message is out of line but the truth is all the messages add up. I have learned that the Holy Spirit will give you puzzle pieces that will eventually add up. God can say to me, “this pole is black…” And what I have learnt is that, I should just believe that the pole is black& teach about it as He has said it. I learnt that, when God teaches me about Monday and Tuesday, I shouldn’t ask Him about Thursday, and when I don’t ask, He eventually reveals more and it will eventually add up to Thursday and the rest of the other days.
Don’t just learn what I am teaching you for today only , go back to the previous messages and learn through them, see where they add up to the most recent messages. God is revealing the whole week (other puzzle pieces; teachings), but it’s up to us not to forget what He has taught us before!
As I was reading about Lucifer, it seemed like as if I was reading a new scripture – [Isaiah 14], and [Ezekiel 28]. God opened up new aspects which made sense as to why I had to teach about the devil (Satan) before I taught about Lucifer. And you can’t understand these two scriptures, if you don’t understand the vision of Daniel – [Daniel]. Today I am dethroning the devil from his position of being a ‘’worshiper’’. We will start with [Isaiah 14 ]for it is the easiest.
It is so amazing to find out that God planned everything and all was in His perfect plan from the very beginning. I realised that angels, were created before the world was created; in Hebrews it tells us that Angels are ministering to serve Sons of God. For He all along, had us in mind when He was creating the world. We were in His mind before everything; we didn’t just fall into His plan without purpose, everything was made for us, not that we were made for everything – the world was perfectly made for us not us for us.
What confuses many in the bible is that the bible is full of parables and symbols. For example, when it states, ‘’He is a Lion…’’ It doesn’t literally refer to Him having four legs. It actually implies that He is with power, authority, He rules and conquers. The problem is that sometimes we tend to associate what God says with what we know and that is why we hardly get what He says. For example He can say, ‘’I am a tree…’’, that can mean that He carries a seed and He is fruitful. And referring to a serpent, He can refer to Himself as being wise. Most of the letters of God are written in a form of a poem!
Furthermore, even with mankind it is same thing, we have clan names of praise, which represents us but that doesn’t make us what the clan names praise directly refer to, but these names are just mere associations. An association from a symbol, such us horns, derived from or referring to authority. This is same as in the bible; God will speak of Himself as a tree of life because anyone who comes to Him will eat the fruits of that tree and bear a seed. The language was so deep in the olden days. It was in parables especially in the prophecies. Now many take what is written and interpret it directly the way it is and by that, they miss what God was saying and then become misled. Sometimes to understand all this you need to go back to history and hear what they were talking about. That is as in, literally reading the bible with a historical perspective.
As we are reading [Isaiah 14], you need to first understand that an angel is a position of a messenger (servant). It does not mean Holy but it means servant. My question to you is, if the devil was an angel, and he was casted out of heaven ,( well we know that the gifts of God are without repentance, & that means that even now he is still an angel), then why does the bible say that he masquerades himself as an angel of light ? Why would he pretend to be an angel if he is an angel?
It was better if it said he pretends to be of light not an angel of light. This shows that he was never an angel even from the beginning. God rejected Saul as a king but He never dethroned Him, Saul remained King until he was killed. So there is no way God would have taken away the position of the devil – a worshiper.
[Isaiah 14:1], “The Lord will have compassion on Jacob; once again he will choose Israel and will settle them in their own land. Foreigners will join them and unite with the descendants of Jacob.” Realise that when the bible talks about Jacob, it refers to a man without God, he was Jacob before he met God, then he wrestled with Him and after the encounter He was then named Israel. So the minute it speaks of the house of Jacob, it speaks of Israel that has fallen, and when it speaks of Israel it speaks the house that walks with God. But it’s not all the writers who referred it like that.
Jacob is Israel, when the nations cling on to the house of Jacob it shows that it Israel that has fallen because the minute it unites with foreigners, it loses its ways with God. God never wanted Israel to indulge Himself with other nations, but He wanted it to be alone (segregated) because when it’s joined with strangers, it would leave the place that the Lord has given it (this refers being in captive).
Verse (3-) “on the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labour forced on you”, this verse refers to Israel triumphing over their enemies, but how many times was Israel in bondage? The King of Babylon is Nebuchadnezzar, who was called king of kings, who dreamt a statue that God gave all nations under its submission. He fell and the golden city ceased. The statue had a gold head (the Golden city). The ‘’wicked’’ is Nebuchadnezzar who ruled nations with anger. When Babylon had power, they went all out to appoint that when other nations were not going according to their will, then it will conquer it and rule over it. If you understand this, then you will understand [Ezekiel 28].
Verse (11), the poet refers to the control of the devil as his music, not that the devil himself owns instruments of music. The devil never had instruments of worship and was never a worshiper. There is no name called Lucifer in the the bible. Lucifer is a name of praise (that was expressed towards Nebuchadnezzar when he was king of Babylon& had a statue). It is a translation of an expression that is in Hebrew.
And in Hebrew, it is an expression in words and not directly as ‘’Lucifer’’, but when it is broken down in English, we say, ‘’Morning Star, Son of dawn.’’ There is no ‘’Morning star, Son of dawn.’’ This is praise, an expression of honour unto the Lord. God spoke to the King of Babylon, who was full of himself, who always wanted to see people bow down to him. After he saw this weakness, He then used it to humble Israel. When Israel was no longer walking with God, He gave power to Babylon to triumph over Israel and humble it because it always wanted people to bow down to it. And this is the power that Israel had in the before. There was no nation that could conquer them because the power of God was upon them. So God humbled them by placing them under the hands of Babylon for the alliances it had with other nations.
All that happened to Nebuchadnezzar (having power nations) and he did not know it was through God because he just man. And he never exalted God because he did not know God, instead he took the glory to himself hence he built a statue for people to bow down to it, but God showed Daniel a vision to let him know that the statue represents generation of Kings that will rule after king Nebuchadnezzar, until Christ hit the feet of the statue causing it to fall and crush right from the head, down to the feet.
Jesus did not only conquer the Spirit that was in Rome, but also that was in Babylon, Medi Persis, Greece and Rome. Christ is the rock that came from heaven to hit the statue; Lucifer is the morning star. King Nebuchadnezzar was referred to as the “king of kings”, so the verse (13-21), refers to him (Nebuchadnezzar). God made Babylon align with Egypt, and these two nations they were against Israel.
Just to put a question out there. How did Satan move from being Lucifer to being Satan? Most names in the bible are exactly as they are in other languages (for example Joshua – Jesus). There is no way in the bible, where a sentence made a name, the minute I say, ‘’Morning star, Son of God’’, it is a sentence and there is no way where, sentences made a name. The minute you understand who Lucifer is, then all confusion will stop.