“Lucifer is not the Devil” Part 2

Babylon was used to humble and oppress Israel. When God promised Israel the land of Canaan, it was part of the Promised Land – Tyre and Sidon (cities of Lebanon), before it got separated Canaan. Sidon specialized in quality wood of the trees of Cedar. And when King David (and Solomon) was supposed to build the temple with an alliance and help of the King of Sidon. This city was rich in precious stones. Solomon even had concubines in right in Tyre.
[Ezekiel 28:1-5], “…By your great skill in trading you have increased your wealth, all because of your wealth your heart has grown proud.” He was not only talking-to one man but to the whole nation, and it says that because of the riches, and not because he wants to be like God.
Verse (7), ‘’… I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most ruthless of nations; they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom and pierce your shining splendor.” Why would God bring strangers against the Devil? Why would God want nations to fight Satan?
Don’t just accept anything without reading through the bible, don’t go and clap hands if they tell you that you have taken the position of the devil a worshipper and that is why he is fighting you back. The devil is fighting you because he is the darkness, and we were once under him because of our forefather who were deceived by him. Don’t try to make God good for He is good without any doing, good or evil. People are afraid to say that God created Satan, they want us to say He created an angel.
In [Isaiah], He says, ‘’ He is God who created evil’’, He even said it in [Romans], that ‘’He loved Jacob and hates Esau’’, and yes He will have mercy on whomever He wants to have mercy. God is not trying to please us because He purely tells us who He is, the reason why most Christians are defeated by the devil is that they can’t believe that God created evil, therefore they can’t defeat it because it still overpowers them. The very same God who created Evil gave us the power to destroy that evil, so why do we believe in some parts and not all of them?
It is God who created hunger although it can kill someone. One can be in the desert without water or an umbrella and the very same sun that God created can scotch& kill them, but that does not make God evil. He remains a good God. God gave us water and wisdom on how to swim but that does not make Him good either, a person can drown in the very same water not because they don’t have the wisdom on how to swim but because they always want to fight the water because of fear.
I don’t understand a person who wants to fight the devil, I am not here to fight the devil but to stand and be who God has made me to be. Don’t get it wrong when we say come out, we are commanding and not fighting! We command because we have the authority over the Spirit not because we are fighting the spirit. Until we stop fighting and we act in our positions, then we will know that God has given us the strength over Satan not Lucifer. Many rejects the name Lucifer but remain with the names of curses from past generations because of the knowledge of Lucifer being Satan.
Verse (13), ‘’You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: carnelian, chrysalides and emerald…” Remember, Israel is a nation of God, the one that God loves. And Eden is where God delights. It is nowhere to be found on earth because it’s a spiritual place. But there is a place where God dwelt on earth and that is in the nation of Israel. He delighted in Israel.
Read Chapter 35 and 36, it tells us that Egypt was in the Garden of Eden. God dwelt and delighted in Israel.
Although the Israelites entered Canaan they did not enter the rest of God because the promise land they have seen was a shadow. What God wanted to give them, was the rest. He who conquered would be given a right to the garden of life which is the rest of God, and have a way to the tree of life and start to eat.
Verse (14), ‘’You were an anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you.” The city covered Israel in its time of lack, it protected Israel as a cherub. It was on the holy mountain of God and it walked among the fiery stones. Through its widespread trade it was filled with violence. This city was made for Israel but it started to indulge with other nations, so it was expelled and made into a horror. All will be destroyed and only out of Israel the remnant of 144 000 will come out. God destroyed it all and that dwelt under the shadow, it went to hell with all that it covered.
Also read;
Jugdes10:6- 16 (This is where Israel started worshiping other gods).
1Kings 11 (this is where they were obtaining their material from Sidon and Tyre to build the temple).
1Chronicles 22:1
1Kings 7:13
Ezra3:7 (Helping to rebuild the temple).
1 Kings 16:31
Ezekiel 27 & 28
Satan was never an angel, he never worshiped. Satan was in the mist of the meeting of the Sons of God, he was an accuser from the beginning. He is many things but not an angel or a worshiper. He was a spirit and he found the body of a serpent and used the body and the wisdom of the serpent to deceive Eve. He saw good and evil from the beginning. Until the time of Jesus that is when he was chased away from heaven.
Satan was chased out to the world that is why many are condemned in the world. Although the devil was conquered when Jesus was born not on the cross, He was manifested to destroy the works of the evil one. And Satan has never ruled the world. Death, reigned, and so did sin as well but never him. Do not be deceived, read the bible by the Spirit.