“Satan is defeated: Fear no more” Part 1

Yesterday I wanted to sum up the teaching of Lucifer, however, there is more to teach about. When I watch crime investigation programmes, I realized that, there is always a thorough investigation that is conducted. Even the weapon that was used on the crime scene, the police then go to the suspect, armed according to the evidence of the weapon of the suspect. What I am trying to say is that, you must know the enemy, so that you should never underestimate or overestimate him. If you want someone who is given much credit, it is the devil and he becomes happy when people are afraid of him.
The moment you understand this teaching you will no longer need deliverance. Recap: When we started with this teaching, we started with the dragon, the beast, and the false prophets, which are the three frogs as stated in [Revelation 16:13]. It says, “I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet”, these spirits were waging war against the Lamb. We spoke about the dragon that he is the deceiver, however, he can never be Lucifer, when you call him Lucifer he actually becomes happy. The bible says, ‘’I saw three spirits coming from the beast…’’, meaning they will rule giving each other a chance, hence at the end, it says, ‘’…they gave their powers to the beast to fight the lamb.’’
God is trinity: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The devil also has his own trinity: the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. People are waiting for the day where the beast will be walking on earth yet the devil cannot come and rule on earth without a body. He possesses a person and rules through him. [Revelation] talks about the heads they had, the dragon with ten, and ten crowns. These are kings, which ruled in that era. The book of [Revelation] says, “The Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.”, so it is all about Jesus. Everything written there is about Jesus and not Satan – it is not a horror book. Jesus appeared to John and said, ‘’I am the Alpha and Omega’’, “Who was, who is, and who is to come”. When you look at Jesus, you see the past, present and the future. People read this book in future tense, while it is past events that took place.
We read about the dragon in [Revelation 12], where it says, ‘’I saw a great sign coming from heaven,’’ then again it speaks about a woman with 12 stars upon her head. The moment you hear about the moon and the twelve stars it is referring to Israel and Joseph. Joseph had a vision about his father being the sun, his mother being the moon and the brothers being stars – see [Genesis 37], so every time you hear of this, it is a reference on Israel because out of him, Israel came into being. Abraham is the father of Jacob, and when Israel sees him, they should not refer to him as their father, but Jacob.
‘’I saw this woman coming out…’’, the woman is Israel and she was pregnant with a boy – a King was born in Israel. When the child was about to be born, war arose in heaven, and the dragon was casted out on earth by angel Michael. While the dragon was on earth, he wanted to devour baby Jesus, this then tells us the time that the dragon was released. And that is, when he was released, that is when Jesus Christ was born.
The dragon wanted to devour the child through King Herod. Herod called the high priests& the scribes, made a partnership with them so that they could tell him where the child would be born but God saved the child by coming to Joseph in a dream, when he told him to take the child and the woman and flee to the wilderness. Therefore, by this we understand that the dragon was released when Jesus was born.
The spirit of the false prophet is major because it has been ruling through all the ages. Moreover, this false prophet is Israel itself – someone who no longer hears from God, doing things on his or her own. The bible says, “Seven women will cling to one man, and will say we want your name Israel but we will provide food for ourselves”, – see [Isaiah 4:1], the minute they are like this, they are the false prophet.
You cannot go to a witch doctor who is not born-again and say she is a false prophet because they never knew God. A false prophet is someone who used to hear from God, and then he chooses to do things on his or her own. It is a woman who tries to become man. Our husband is Christ and we only hear from him, but the moment we do not listen to him, it means we have become the false prophet.
Zachariah says, “I saw a woman in a basket”, this is Israel – an adulterous woman. This verse is referring to serving foreign gods. The biggest foreign god is yourself – you do not have to bow down to another god but you can bow down to yourself. How do you bow down to yourself? When you do things according to your own desires and not according to God. The bible says, ‘’in the last day’s people, will be lovers of themselves…’’
In [Matthew 10], says, ‘’They spoke to Jesus and asked if he is the Messiah…’’, then in verse (18) it says, “The kingdom of God has suffered violence and the violent have taken it by force.” Therefore, they put their own system and started doing things on their own.
In [Revelation] says, ‘’They gave their power to the beast because it was in charge.’’ [Daniel 2], Nebuchadnezzar had a vision about the statue with the head was gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay. Daniel explained the vision and said it is talking about kingdoms. The head of Gold is you ‘O king of kings’ – this is another lion which is false. It was not saying Nebuchadnezzar was the beast, but that the spirit of the beast possessed him. How did Israel end up in Babylon? Israel defiled the temple of God so God had to humble them. Eli and His sons also messed up, and he could not rebuke them, hence God chose Samuel. The statue had the head of Gold represents Babylon – the head, silver represents Medi-Persis, bronze represents Greece, Iron represents Rome, then the feet of Iron and Clay represents Rome and Israel.
The beast was there in the era of Nebuchadnezzar ruling in him. And Jesus had to allow the 10 kings to rule, but the stone crushed the kingdom, which was there. When Jesus went to the cross it was Armageddon. The bible says ‘’He was manifested in our days to destroy the works of the evil one.’’ While at the cross two lions (the beast and Jesus) were supposed to fight but He chose to die and become a Lamb instead of a Lion. When He was supposed to fight as a lion, He revealed the Lamb. When He laid down His life, the beast thought it won, but Jesus conquered it, and death at the same time. The lamb was the one at war but the Lion is the one that conquered.
The Lamb couldn’t resurrect on its own, Christ had to come and raise it up. There is no longer going to be any war – it is over! Some are still waiting for tribulations, but those days passed on. In 70 AD, no one wished to be a Christian at that time. People would be crucified facing downwards. There was king called Nero during the era of Paul, he was very cruel – he started fire and falsely accused Christians for it. Christians were tormented like nobody’s business. Do you realize that when Jesus was killed, there was a bad smell outside Jerusalem? Jesus was not the first person to be crucified, and even after He was crucified, they still crucified other people. Jesus was the only one who was taken off the cross after crucifixion. They would leave people to rot there – hence there was a smell of death. They would kill Christians and leave them to be burnt by the sun. Christians truly lived in tribulations.
When Jesus had to put up with the government and the law. The bible says ‘’Satan is chained but will be released for one thousand years.’’ It is actually one thousand days in the direct translation. Jesus walked on earth for three and half years preaching the gospel, the three years equal to one thousand + days. So this was the time of the beast (Satan) was released to kill Him, so there is no other time that Satan will be released on earth because he was destroyed at the cross already. Jesus fought the beast – the system. The disciples came to Jesus after resurrection and said, ‘’When are you going to liberate us from Rome’’ – hence when Jesus multiplied bread they called Him King, the He disappeared because they were looking for a politician – someone who could speak for them because they were under oppression.
He saved us from the spiritual war and not the physical one. We grew up knowing that Satan was an angel. When you are a worshiper, they would tell you to be careful on how you worship because Satan was once a worshiper and then he started to have pride and was demoted by God. This is a lie from the pit of hell! Deception is very powerful, because you can even have visions about it. There are people who even had visions about rapture. [Isaiah 14:12], the bible says “O Lucifer how have you fallen from heaven”, then people conclude that it is the devil. The bible was written in Hebrew and Greek, there are some words like Believe and Faith, which means the same thing in other languages like in Sotho. In Hebrews, there is no word for angel but instead, it is translated as messenger, which is Malak in Hebrew and in Greek, it is Angelos.
There is where the bible refers to angels. And it says ‘’messenger’’, then again it refers to a minister as a messenger. Lucifer is not a name but it is praise. Meaning there was a king and they had to praise him saying ‘O shining one’ (Lucifer). Satan is a spirit not man. People take this name and associate with Satan. He was never a morning star, he just masquerades himself like light. When God rejected Saul as a king, he did not move him from his position. Saul continued as a king while God was planning to ordain David. When He has given you a gift, he never takes it away, so if truly Satan was an angel, then the gift is without repentance – God was not going to take away his angelic form.