“The Fatness of God”

[Romans 11:11], “So I say, have they stumbled so as to fall [to spiritual ruin]? Certainly not! But by their transgression [their rejection of the Messiah] salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make Israel jealous [when they realize what they have forfeited].
God rejected the Israelites and gave us their position in Him in order to make them jealous and cause them to return to Him. Verse (16), “If the first portion [of dough offered as the first fruits] is holy, so is the whole batch; and if the root (Abraham, the patriarchs) is holy, so are the branches (the Israelites).” We have branches which were connected but had to be broken – This is referring to Israel because they were not bearing any fruits.
God called you a wild olive tree – meaning you were a tree that produced oil (anointing), whereas He was not your foundation (your root) hence the term ‘wild’. The branches (Israel) were connected to a holy root but the branches had to be broken so that a wild olive tree may be grafted in – not all branches were cut off – and even, not all of the Israelites were rejected and this is because there was a remnant. Verse (17), “with them we became the partakers of the fatness of the Olive tree.”
What makes the branches holy is the root that is holy. We were already a wild olive tree but not producing fatness. We can have oil that is not fat – meaning it is dry, but because we are connected to the root it becomes fat. [Isaiah 11:1], “…a branch shall grow out of its roots. The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him…”
Jesus is the branch whom the Spirit of the Lord rested upon. The Bible calls the Spirit ‘The fatness’ – ‘The anointing.’ In the olden days the Spirit of God would not rest on man but it would come and go so this was the first branch to have the Spirit resting upon it. With us the Spirit does not just come and go, but it rests upon us and all our lives are controlled by the Holy Spirit. The men of the old never received the promise – they never saw in perfection because they did not have the Spirit.
After God destroyed the world with water – Noah sent out the dove and it returned because there was no place for it to rest – but then the next time it left it did not come back again because it had found a place to rest. [Isaiah 61:1], “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor…”
Jesus went to John to be baptized and a Spirit like a dove came down and rested upon Him – He was being anointed thus the Spirit rested upon Him. So because the Spirit was upon Him He quoted [Isaiah 61] and said it is fulfilled because something happened; He was baptized and a branch came out. When He went out of the water – that was new beginnings.
When the Spirit rests upon us there will be signs to show that the Father testifies about the Son. Every time Jesus did something He spoke of the Law of Moses that He did not come to abolish it but to take it to where there is fatness. Everything that happened in the Old Testament was a shadow of things to come meaning the law and the prophets were representing someone.
The prophet at this point it is Jesus– then Elijah said, “I am the voice crying in the wilderness, preparing the way”. The voice does not change, meaning this voice was not John because John later on changed and questioned whether Jesus was the Messiah or not – he diverted from what he first believed in thus we are reassured that John is not the voice.
In [Luke 7:28], Jesus says, “Out of those born of the woman, no one is greater than John.” John is the last prophet of dryness, so the least (in the kingdom) are better than John. You can be a prophet born from a woman or a prophet who is the least in the kingdom. If you are a prophet and you prophesy while you are still an old (wild) olive tree then you will never beat John. You will be like the ones taking the kingdom by force. The kingdom has suffered violence because of what the priests were doing in the house of the Lord. It was held hostage because of the prophets who were taking it by force.
Jesus said John is the Elijah – Elijah represented the Father and Moses represents the Son – the law and the prophets. [Matthew 3:9], “…and do not presume to say to yourselves [as a defense], ‘We have Abraham for our father [so our inheritance assures us of salvation]’; for I say to you that from these stones God is able to raise up children (descendants) for Abraham. And already the axe [of God’s judgment] is swinging toward the root of the trees; therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”
Verse (11), “He who comes after me is mightier than I…he will baptize you with fire and the Holy Ghost.” Jesus will baptize you with fire and the Holy Ghost because the Spirit rests upon him thus there is no longer dryness. This goes back to the teaching that you should go where there is moisture.
John says “The one who comes after me will not baptize you with water only but also with fire.” There were branches already but they never had fruits because they lacked the Holy Spirit. When Jesus left He said, “I do not leave you alone but with the counselor – the Holy Spirit.” When they came to John and told him that his followers were following Jesus – he said it is the Lord who gives and takes.
Jesus was a fountain of life and those who were dry came and drank from Him. So those who followed John were dry and went to Jesus and drank. It is important to have the Holy Spirit lest you become disqualified. This goes to also ministers – we need to have fatness in us so that when people drink from us they may receive the Holy Spirit from us.
[John 4:7], “Jesus said to the woman – give me water to drink.” Look at the woman as a church and the husband standing before her, Jesus was not thirsty but he was becoming wise like a serpent – he came in the order that the woman understood. The woman was used to drawing water for the husband she had left at home. Jesus went to her to start a conversation; it is not that He needed water from her. Verse (10), “If you knew who you were speaking to, you would be asking for water.”
Jesus was not there to drink water from her but to give her the Spirit. “If you knew that the one standing before you has the spirit you would be the one asking”. There are people who are still busy digging the ground to have water – there are people who are still running for impartation and fast to get something from God, they do not understand that it is freely given. There are people who fast to get the Holy Spirit – they do not receive the Holy Spirit that leads them to fasting. (It should be the spirit leading you).
In verse (12) the woman asked Jesus, “Are you greater than our father Jacob?” She thought that God still speaks through the well of Jacob while He has shifted and now speaks through the Son. And [Romans 8:12] says “we no longer owe our obligations to blood and flesh”, and then Jesus says “ye are born of the spirit.” When you are born of God, you are no longer born of the woman.
The whole world must be filled with the Word of God. The commission to go and preach the gospel is not for ministers only but to everyone. People must be able to come to you seeking for help because they see a river in you. Some people know that you carry life but they will never be affected and changed if you still behave like them – doing deeds that exhibit the absence of the Holy Spirit. Many people are dry (they lack the Spirit of God), the moment you see someone going to the witch-doctor to consult you must know that they are dry.
If you show that you are born of the Spirit of God, there will not be a need for those around you to consult witch-doctors because they will know that they have found a fountain in you. An advice of an earthly man and spiritual man are not the same. Verse (11), “the woman said to him sir give me this water…Jesus said to her call your husband, the woman answered and said I have no husband”, all these men were husbands to the woman – they were her ministers but there was still dryness in her. To show that the woman is repentant she asked for water from Jesus, because her thoughts had changed.
The husbands were the five-fold ministries, they all preached to her but still there was dryness because the Son needed to stand. They were just wild olive trees; they all had gifts without God. Verse (22), “you worship what you do not know.” Jesus was talking about what was happening in the house of God – you are busy saying you worship God but you do not know Him. Jesus here was dealing with the house of God, cutting branches that were already connected to the root but were not bearing fruits.
Even when you are a minister you must be careful that God does not disqualify you because of lack of fruits. Produce what is from God so that you may not get disqualified. Serve with reverence. Paul says do not forget to flame up the gift you have received, when you speak in tongues you edify yourself. Before you can encourage the church you need to be edified yourself.
You need to flame up the fire so that when you come to people they might be able to catch the fire that is in you. Do not be busy serving and forget to flame up because the fire will run out – let the river continue to flow in you. Do not give people what is not in you; let it begin in you. Do not be a branch without the Holy Spirit – we want to see ‘Fatness’.
The husband must be the one providing the river to the church. Verse (24-25), “God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth.” The woman said, “I know that the Messiah is coming who is called Christ.” Christ was before her but she did not know Him. When Jesus approached the Samaritan woman He was neither hungry nor thirsty but He was simply starting a conversation with the woman – He was giving the woman water.
When we (ministers of the glory) pray for you, you do not receive the power that you do not have, but we stir up what is in you – we are not giving you a new thing, we are merely revealing what is in you. You have the fire already – I come to you with the very same Jesus you received. Do not seek something that will convince you that you got it. What God gives is freely given but it is the Holy Spirit that leads you to prayer and fasting. God is not religious, He works in mysterious ways.
God does not have requirements to bless you but the Spirit He gives you will lead you to all truth. Never get used to the methods of God because He is always mysterious – He is not cultural. As I give you anointing oils get the fatness. Let people run to you for solution because of what you carry. Let the river which has fatness continue to flow. [Philippians 3:3], “I don’t have confidence in the flesh… Circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin…” Connect with Benjamin by the Spirit.
Today we stand and say we are of the tribe of Benjamin because he is the least in his tribe, and that is prophetically so, meaning he is the least in the kingdom of God. God says “Do not conform to the standards of the world” – it is your duty to make sure your mind does not conform to the standards of the world but it is the responsibility of God to make sure that your life does not conform to the negativity that is affecting the world like sickness and recession. Do your part and God will do His, yours is just to enjoy the fatness that proceeds from Him.