“Allow God To Use You As You Are” – Part 4

[Exodus 4:10], “Then Moses said to the Lord, “Please, Lord, I am not a man of words (eloquent, fluent), neither before nor since you have spoken to your servant; for I am slow of speech and tongue.” A sign is not when you use your body but it is when God uses it. Moses and Elijah appeared, and the voice only testified about the Son. For Jesus to die, it is not accounted to Him but to the Love of the Father. Jesus will not come and say, “I die for you” – but it was the love of the Father at work, because the works that Jesus did were what He saw from the Father. Any person who testifies of himself, his testimony is not true and valid.
A gift can go out without being sent but those found in the body of Christ wait to be sent and the Father speaks through them. Though Jeremiah was ordained as a prophet, still the Lord had to put His words in his mouth. “Jeremiah what do you see?” – imagine this was asked by the very Being that sent you and gave you words to speak. This means that the Lord did not need help here but to testify about Jeremiah as He performs His words.
[1 Corinthians 12], you cannot be a member without the Spirit of God. Do you understand that when God speaks about your salvation it is not a matter of creating something new but it is about restoring you to the place where you were before you were formed? You need to be a member again. Moses was alone in the wilderness and conquered a lot of things, then he was taken to the palace; and God restored him back to the wilderness. Imagine, if all of us were worshippers; who would preach? Who would read the bible? Who would usher? No one is useless, everyone has something to do in the Kingdom. Why is that all of us are able to search our pockets to offer but not everyone serves in the house?
Everyone has a function, if you are not in the face then perhaps you are on the shoulders or on the waist. The problem is that everyone wants to be in the face. If every one of us did one thing similar, where would we all be? We usually honour for the man who stands on the pulpit and tend ignore or forget about the one who intercedes for the church behind closed doors. When one member suffers, the entire body suffers and when one member prospers, all prosper. How many people left church because they felt that there is favouritism? When one member is honoured, the whole body is honoured.
Gifts make noise because they are sent. Let love testify about you, it is not about your love for a certain responsibility, but the Love that God has for you. Every time Jesus did something the love of the Father performed all those miracles.
[John 5] “…I have a greater witness…the very works I do bear witness of me…” Jesus never called deliverance by name but called them the works of the father – signs. [Mark 16] and [Matthew 28] are different. [Mark 16:16], “He who believes and is baptised will be saved but he who does not will be condemned. These signs shall follow you” – Jesus called them signs. In [Matthew 28], everyone was sent out even those who were not born-again. To gifts, there is dryness, but the Spirit of God creates moisture.
How many people ordain disciples? Who then confirms their messages? Allow Love to lead you. Everyone is saying that they are mature, maturity is not in eating bones but meat. Those in [Matthew 28] made disciples out of dryness. The sheep does not know the Son but the voice. Have you realised that whenever Jesus did something, the voice will come and testify. The moment you hear me say I am going to change my spiritual father; know that I have lost the voice. And the only person with the voice is the Father.
When Jesus approached the Samaritan, He came in the order of the husbands she had by asking her for water first. Jesus made her aware that He actually does not need water, but He is the one who gives the water. Jesus corrected the order which many men follow by waiting for the wife to bring water, and not standing up to fetch the water to wash the wife. This is not like the wife who gave the husband food to eat and caused the world. Some ministers are already disqualified, and the sheep are given to those who can supply water.
Someone must testify about you and your father in order to avoid saying, “papa, papa” – whilst you in a dry place. [Ezekiel 37], the Father was not there but someone with water had to come. Many people are loyal to men (the church) more than God. You cannot sit and be loyal to a man of God who has ‘a dry river’. Do not stand on the vision that you had. It is God who confirms the shepherd and can change them.