“Let God Use You, Not the Gifts He has Given you” Part 3

[John 5:31- 43], a gift can testify about itself, it does no need a witness but someone testifies on behalf of the body and that is the Spirit, He manifests in the body. It is also possible for the gift to work in the body but when the gift operates in it, it testifies about itself.
In the New Testament, Elijah sends Moses. Elijah comes as a Father but Moses as the Son. So every time Jesus does something, heaven opens up and it thunders. And Elijah is the voice crying in the wilderness preparing the way. The wilderness being mentioned in question is not of the veld that we see but is the wilderness above, he was crying about the Moses who is the Word. The Father has sent the Son the one who sends you is the one who testifies about you. Elijah prepares Moses, the law was given as the way in that time until the real way (Jesus) comes.
The Father prepared the Son. In the Old Testament Moses comes first and Elijah comes after but in the New Testament Elijah comes first. The two witnesses died. If the Father has no one to testify about He goes quiet, so the death of the Father is not being able to operate. God spoke through the prophets; Moses and Elijah. The Father testifies through the Son but before He was speaking through the law and the prophets.
The root is the first witness and we are the branches. The Father testifies of the Sons by being the one doing the works. How do demons know the name of Paul? Because Paul has sent someone, demons know Paul because they have encountered Timothy. So the name means that I come in your authority. As a wife everything that you achieve, you do it under the name of the husband.
Where Moses met God is where Elijah met God. Elijah was not a body but a Spirit that is why John comes and finds the Spirit already in the wilderness, and goes about with his ministry of baptism. Even after he was arrested the Spirit remains in the wilderness. The work of Moses was not to take the Israelites out of Egypt, they were promised the mountain but since they refused, Moses took them to the wilderness.
[Exodus 3:12], “…this shall be a sign that I have sent you, you shall serve God on this mountain.” Moses met God in the mountain and that is where Elijah is and he is not a mere person, he is a Spirit that prepared the way for Moses. The sign that God will be with Moses was of going to the mountain but they failed to receive the Spirit of Elijah, so going to Canaan was plan B. God created Jeremiah as a prophet but when Jeremiah speaks, it is not him speaking but God. Being created as a prophet is not an allowance to speak but God will speak on his behalf.
[Exodus 4:10], “…then Moses said to the Lord I am not eloquent…” I as Moses cannot speak. I serve with reverence because I know I can be disqualified, the shepherd has to lead me, if I lead myself I will be disqualified. Gifts and the Spirit do not mix, we only cover when the person needs help, not when the person takes advantage – dear sheep, if the shepherd you have has ran out of moisture, depart from him and go where there is moisture.
Some shepherds are disqualified, so we who are still in this grace must not have pride in ourselves, we must always thank God and say Him where would we be if it were not for Him. Throughout everything we went through, the only thing that sustained us is the Word. Some shepherds do not even make an effort to look for water, they are relaxed in their dryness so do not waste your time with such a minister as a sheep. In making your decision to shy away, do not consider the miracles that is it the Spirit at work or is it dryness.
[John 3:36], “But I have a greater witness than John…for the very works that I do bear witness of me that the Father has sent Me…The Father himself has testified of me…you have neither heard his voice at any time nor seen his form but you do not have his word abiding in you because who he sent who you do not believe”. God can only testify to you if you believe in the one that he sent.
[John 5:39], “You are diligently going through scriptures but you are not willing to come to me that you may have life.” The scriptures are important, I believe in the one whom the Lord has sent before you can go to the scriptures.
[John 6:29], “Jesus answered to them and said it is the work of God that you believe in him who he has sent”. Verse (30), “What sign will you perform that we may believe.” This was a sign, the Israelites always ate the bread thinking it is from Moses yet there was someone testifying about Moses. Never confuse the work of the Father with that of the Son.
[Acts 5:12], “At the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders (attesting miracles) were continually taking place among the people.” When you are a Son you do not to heal or deliver people but the Father performs His work which is a sign. Followers increased because of the Father performing. When a gift performs you cannot run to the river because all they find is dryness but when it is the Father performing people run to the river to drink and you become a source of life.
Many signs and wonders were done through the apostles. In the Old Testament, you read about Moses and Abraham, you never hear where they say either of them healed someone. When you read about them they say God did horrible deeds and signs. A sign causes you to wonder, and both a sign and wonder go together. God calls them wonders but to Moses God tells him he will perform this sign in Egypt – when water changed into blood they wondered, but this happened because the Father was using the body (Moses).
[Act 2:43], “Then fear came upon every souls and many wonders were done.” What God performed caused people to fear. When a sign is performed they bring fear to every soul. Imagine the signs that God performed in Egypt. Many of the scriptures about the disciples is about signs and wonders confirming the message that they spoke, so healing came out as a sign.
[Acts 4:24], “When they heard that they raised their voice to God…” Verse (29), “And now, Lord, observe their threats [take them into account] and grant that Your bond-servants may declare Your message [of salvation] with great confidence…” So it means they knew that when they preach a sign must be performed, where there is a sign there is moisture but where there is dryness a gift is busy operating.
The danger of a gift is that it can be used by any other Spirit other than Him but when you are a member of the body of Christ, God has purposed you to be that person whom only Him has to use. You are baptized into one body. By coming to Christ it is reconciliation and restoration. You should not hunger to prophesy but you should hunger for the Father to confirm you through a sign.
[Acts 6:8], “Stephen full of faith and power did great signs and wonders.” The Father was the one operating. When the Spirit manifests in the body we see signs and wonders but gifts with diversity can operate even when the Spirit is not there
[Isiah 61:1-3] YLT, “the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is on me because Jehovah did anoint me to proclaim tiding to humble.” Jehovah anoints you because you have received His Spirit, so the very similar Spirit that you have received anoints you. There are people who become anointed without the Spirit. There is no scripture in the Bible that says the disciples were anointed but the Spirit they received was their anointing. Being anointed means that you are permitted to perform signs and wonders. The Spirit anoints you for the work of the Father in your life.
When you speak boldly God can confirm, you can never experience sign and wonders if you do not have boldness. Love that has sent you makes you speak boldly that signs may be performed. When signs are performed fear falls upon many souls, the Father confirms that it is Him speaking and working in you. A sign is not only when you heal the sick or when you cast out demons but even when you do what you are not called for it is a sign that the Spirit is manifesting in you causing you to do something that you are not called for as if you are born for it.
[Romans 15:16], “That I might be a minister of Jesus Christ to the gentiles ministering the gospel of God that the offerings of the Gentiles might be acceptable and sanctified by the Holy Spirit.” Paul is a minister of Jesus to the Gentiles, he is not a minister of his own gifts. The Gentiles are the sheep that Paul has been sent to feed.
“That the offerings of the Gentiles might be acceptable and sanctified by the Holy Spirit” Do you hear how a minister affects what is from a gentile? If Paul does not preach what is of Christ or does not teach by the Spirit the offerings of the Gentiles will not be acceptable and holy. The Father recognizes what is from the sheep because of the shepherd is doing, so if you come from a dry ground, the sheep cannot offer what is acceptable. The offering is only acceptable and holy because of the shepherd is feeding the sheep.
Verse (18), “For I will not [even] presume to speak of anything except what Christ has done through me [as an instrument in His hands], resulting in the obedience of the Gentiles [to the gospel], by word and deed…” Paul will not take pride in a gift, it must be Christ performing. There are things that are accomplished but it is not through Christ, yet they look as if it is Him. So Paul says he will not boast of any Word or deed which he did which was not done by Christ, so even the miracles that have been performed, but it was not Christ, he shall not speak of such because it was a gift performing, it should only be the Father who performs.
“To make the Gentiles obedient I will speak of the mighty signs done by the Lord.” He only speaks of the signs and wonders done by God in order to make the Gentiles obedient. The people you are preaching to become obedient because you only tell them about what Christ has done, not what you have done – this is a mark of a true apostle and Son of God, he does not take pride in what he has done, only that which Christ has done. “I used to go where I want to go”, meaning a gift was at work but now that love (perfection) has come, “I raise my hands and someone dresses me.” (See John 21:18). So the one who dresses Paul is the one who speaks not a gift. So a gift makes you to see in part but love causes the Spirit to manifest in you and work the works of the Father.
[2 Corinthians 12:12], “The signs that indicate a genuine apostle were performed among you fully and most patiently – signs and wonders and miracles.” How do you mark a true apostle, by the signs and wonders performed in them by the Father. This is not only limited to an apostle but every servant of God needs this mark.
When it is the Spirit operating you do not do as you love. Prophecy that is stirred up is not of God because you cannot stir God, and He is not the pool of Bethesda. While water needed to be stirred Jesus skipped the pool and headed to perform a miracle because it is what God had purposed to do. When it is the Spirit dressing you, you do not decide when you feel like serving and when do you do. Do not have gifts but become a gift of God. Be used by God, not by a gift.
[Hebrews 2:1], “God bearing witness with signs and wonders.” God bears witness to the message with signs and wonders, where there are no signs and wonders run away. Gifts have a way of being like signs but they do not testify of the Father, signs speak of Him but gifts speak of themselves. Signs and wonders are a sign that you are sent by the Spirit. Many people walk in gifts but those gifts give glory to themselves not God. They can do everything that those who are sent by God can do yet they testify about own selves.
[1 Timothy 5:11], “Do not hurry to lay hands on anyone…” I say to you today, do not be hasty to be laid hands and to receive. God nowadays no longer speaks through Prophets but through the person of the Son, and when there is no Son, the Father is not there either. So do not be quick to receive, check if that person is a son.