“Allow God To Use You As You Are” – Part 2

[Jeremiah 1:5], “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…” Jeremiah was not gifted with the gift of prophecy but he was formed as a prophet. It is either you are a member of the body (an eye for example) or you are given a gift to see. You can only be part of the body if you are formed by the Lord to be what you are. There is a difference between a gift and what God has formed you to be.
Before Jeremiah was formed, the Lord knew him; what did He (Lord) know? The Spirit of course. So the Lord formed what Jeremiah is – this was not impartation. In [Hebrews 10:1], “For since the Law has only a shadow [just a pale representation] of the good things to come—not the very image of those things—it can never, by offering the same sacrifices continually year after year, make perfect those who approach [its altars].” What was the body prepared for? Was Jesus gifted to die or prepared to die? Was He gifted to be a sacrifice or made to become the sacrifice?
Jeremiah was known before formation; he was formed as a prophet – he was created to speak and this is not a gift to speak. Jesus was 33 years old when He was crucified, but He was still a Lamb because He was prepared to be a Lamb in all stages of His life. When Zachariah and all the other priests saw a Lamb to be sacrificed. This is what Jesus was created for – born a Lamb for sacrifice. Certain things come naturally, now let God use them and use you as you are.
[Isaiah 54], before Jesus could even open His mouth, already Herod wanted to kill Him – this was not just any intention, it was predestined that the minute He dies, sins will be forgiven. So, from the womb Jesus was created to be crucified for sins of all. The exact thing that Herod wanted to do was done by the soldiers at the cross. Jesus was not gifted in this, but His body was created for crucifixion. He was rejected from birth, so when they despised Him and made Him carry the cross, it was fulfilling what was predestined.
Moreover, He received presents and incenses before He could even open His mouth to preach, He was a King from birth. When your body is prepared for it, it is prepared for it, it is not a gift. You feel rejected? It is not a gift but what you are prepared for. Even when you are not born-again, there is a specific process that you go through. Jeremiah could prophesy from an early age. It was required that he first grow up in order for God to ask him about what he sees – he was prepared right from the beginning.
Members of the Body of Christ need a Father (a head or brain) but gifts need a mentor. A mentor teach you how to prophesy but a Father sends a signal and you become one with Him just as He is; you do not have to become the brain itself while you are an eye; because the brain does not teach the eye on how to see but it informs the eye when to open and closed. Have you seen a person who is brain dead? This means that the body cannot receive information on what to do anymore. Therefore, just the way you are it is how God wants you.
Jesus knew that from birth He was wanted dead but still He did not talk about it. This is what He was prepared for, what are you prepared for? As for Jeremiah, he was formed and ordained as a prophet. Let God use you as you are before you can concentrate on gifts. Are you operating in what God has ordained you to be or in gifts? You find a person ordained as an Apostle but his focus is in prophesying and neglecting what he was called for. You see worshippers going out and evangelising. Many people are doing the work of God but out of purpose which was placed upon their lives. They work out of what they have been baptised into.
When the ministry started, I was the one who did the church décor but until someone who was created for it came, I stopped because it was not what I was called for. In a nutshell, if the legs cannot work, your hands will help you until the legs become fully developed. It does not mean that the hands are made for walking but filling up the gap for a certain period of time.
Do you know that the last sense to be developed is smell? Hence, a baby depends on the mother for smell, a baby is not aware when it has defecated because it does not know the scent of it. What I am trying to say is do not find yourself prophesying and then relax, concluding that you are a prophet whilst a prophet is still on the way. And when the prophet arrive, stand back and focus on your purpose.
What is the danger of a gift? It can speak in the absence of God. Though Jeremiah was created as a prophet, he would not prophesy without God. Jeremiah was created for prophecy, yet it was actually the works of the Father. When he stood, he was a sign because he spoke what the Father spoke. Prophecy is not a gift to all ministers or prophets, others are what they are really called for.
[John 5:31], “If I alone testify about Myself, My testimony is not valid.” A gift can testify of itself because it does not need a witness, but members of the body of Christ need to be confirmed by the Christ Himself. When a gift operates in the body, it talks about itself. What happened when Jesus died? Was there silence? No, someone had to testify because Jesus did was He was supposed to do. God had to confirm Him through earthquakes and darkness.
Every time people spoke about Jesus, they spoke of the Law and the Prophets – and Jesus came not to destroy but to fulfil both. When He went to pray, Moses (Law) and Elijah (Prophets) appeared – the Law testified about the Prophets and vice versa. When Peter wanted to build a house for Moses and Elijah, a voice came and testified about Jesus – only the Father can testify about the Son. When love comes, all ceases and speaks; meaning that Moses and Elijah could not testify about Him but only the Father.
[Revelations 11], the two witness testify about one another. In [1 John 4:14], “The Father has sent the Son…”- Elijah and Moses were prophets, we call Moses the Law because he was the one who brought the Law. When God said, “I will raise a prophet like me”, it spoke about Moses. So a prophet testified about a prophet – Moses and Elijah are one. The Son and the Father are one. Jesus came in the order of Moses and Elijah to fulfil and not to destroy.