[John 5:19-20]

For a son cannot do anything without seeing it from the father, this includes all sons. There is a father who has been teaching you, in all that you do which father are you representing? There is no way the father can be zealous about serving yet as a son you are lazy, if you are not doing what God or your father has been doing it means you have another teacher.

When there is a father who teaches during the day there is one teaching at night, and this night is not when the sun sets but is when you do things in the absence of the father. There are certain tv programs which one does not watch only because they are in the presence of the father but when they are alone they reason within and say they are 18 years and can watch the programs.

There are certain feelings which are aroused by what we watch, which are triggered by the kind of music we listen to and the people we associate with. One cannot struggle with something without it being triggered by something. Fire does not just burn without a match stick because something must ignite it. One cannot just say as a man that they love someone of the same gender and similarly to ladies, you do not just love someone of the same gender without the feeling being triggered by something.

Some people say they were born homosexual, but they were deceived from birth into thinking that they were born like that. The power of deception is that it looks and sounds like the truth because it is not deception if it does not look like the truth.

The issue of homosexuality, the verse says the homosexual, adulterers, etc will not inherit the Kingdom, all these are categorized the same, meaning homosexuality is not any important compared to other sins but all were deceived. Therefore if indeed a homosexual person was born that way then it also means that drunkards were born like that as well. This clearly shows that all were deceived at birth for them to think that they were born like that. You know the truth, do not allow deception to say who you are.

In the book of Jeremiah, the Bible says before we were born God knew us and He set us apart for His purpose – God did not set anyone apart to be homosexual because if it were so, He would not say homosexual individuals will not inherit the Kingdom. There is something unique that God has set each one of us to become.

As many are listening to this teaching and having flashbacks of their wrongdoings, now question yourself where have you learned that from and from which father, because in everything there is a source. There are certain habits you get from your biological parents but since you now have a father [in the Lord], disconnect yourself with those biological habits and connect yourself with what is of the Spirit and Truth.

[John 14:12]

Jesus says, he who believes in Me, the works which I do, he will do also. You are able to do the works of the Father because you believe in Him, not because you love. Therefore it begins with believing in the Father in order to be able to do what He does.

[John 13:14]

What the Father does, you are expected to do that among each other. Jesus spoke about washing the feet, as a spiritual father if I wash one of your brethren’s feet this means that you are also obliged to wash his feet, and similarly, the one whose feet is being washed, he should also do the same to his brethren.

[1 Corinthians 11:1]

Paul says be imitators of me as I imitate Christ – What is good, pure, and worth thinking take that and run with it, such is to be imitated. Paul was brave enough to say imitate because of his character as he lived according to the Word of God. However, not all are meant to be imitated but only those living according to the Word of God. Paul further says we ought to imitate him as he imitates Christ, meaning you cannot imitate the one who does not imitate as well.

With that said what you see in Christ and also in your father, do imitate such, but any character which is not of Christ, know there is danger. Only imitate those who imitate Christ, where there is Christ dwell and be there.

Also within the house as brethren, although we were urged to support each other’s businesses when you see that there is no longer Christ in one of your brothers then run away, do not support each other blindly.  We ought to have an expectancy of excellency from our fellow brothers, let us seek righteousness but not only from ourselves but also from our fellow brothers. Whenever you encounter your brethren, have an expectancy of righteousness so that if it is not there you can be able to separate.

[Luke 22:42]

A true son is the one who lives according to the Will of the Father and not their own will. This is sonship and a true definition of a son. Have the Will of God upon your life and live according to it at all times. Every time you do something, ask yourself if the Father is visible through your actions, do people see Him in you? Do as your father (Abraham Unknown) does, as he imitates Christ also do the same.

Abraham Unknown
Your father through the gospel

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