[John 13:31-35]
Love one another as I have loved you. This commandment was implemented only after what Jesus did. He said, “I am giving you this new commandment” – this was only new to those He said it to but to Him it was not new. We do not love because we individually carry love within us but we love because He first loved us. He showed us how to love. The minute love is seen as a choice and be it that one chooses to love or not, that will determine which father you have. We ought to do as God has done, that is; He loved us first. Your deeds will show who your father is.

Often, as individuals we want our spoken words to be perceived or be evidence enough of where we come from. However Jesus did not give the disciples a command of speaking but of action, love is a doing word. Jesus did not instruct them to tell one another of their love for each other, they were instructed to love in action and also to love as He loved.

In some instances, Christians want to speak more than doing. The phrase that says “actions speak louder than words” did not only start in the English dictionary but has always been there when Jesus taught us what to do rather than what to say. Love is evident in actions rather than words, although love being spoken is also important. Even so, when it is spoken without action then the words become worthless.

(34) We do not only love because we have love within us but we love because we saw God-loving and expressing love. Jesus instructed the disciples to love one another, by obeying this commandment, which will be where when people look unto the disciples, they would see that they are truly from God.

When a son has characteristics that the father has, there is no need for people to discern as to see if he has the father in him. To see that you are born of God is when your character and behavior are the same as that of the father, they will automatically see there is no need for a DNA test or discernment. All features in the son should be similar to those of the father, this is how Christians should be before anyone can discern, people should be able to see who is our God through our actions.

(35) The word ‘disciple’ means a student that is learning from someone. You will know that you are my student because you are not only taught in words but in deeds as well and will imitate the father.

In this verse, Jesus was washing the disciples’ feet and by so doing He was teaching them to do the same to one another, also this was preparation for when He is no longer with them. It is more important to imitate the father in his absence rather than when he is with you. Determination of your DNA is visible in the absence of the father. Often many are afraid of what the father will say and that somehow has an impact on their character. In the absence of the father, when there is no need to please anyone, you must manifest the father in character and in behavior.

[John 3: 1-2]

This man came to Jesus and said “no one can do these miracles like you do” meaning there were people performing the very same miracles but not like Jesus did, therefore it means Jesus had something unique. When reading the genealogy in the Bible, there are other miracles which people performed yet the miracles which Jesus performed, be it small or big, His character was evidence enough to show forth that it can only be God.

In the last days, there will be people prophesying and performing miracles but you shall see them by their fruits and not their works (see Matthew 7:15-20). The fruit symbolizes character, hence we cannot say we are from Christ and yet not produce the fruits which He produces. Your actions say who your father is more than what you say, especially what you do in the absence of the father.

[John 17: 20- 26]

A perfect example is that at all times Jesus reveals to us that He can never do anything without the Father. He was praying because He was about to be handed over, praying for the disciples and those who will believe. The importance of how one behaves in the absentia of the father is important because Jesus was addressing the behavior of the disciples especially when He is gone.

Oneness in the absence of the Father, “I pray that they may all be one”. The world will know our source and our God based on our character and behavior. However, the minute we show forth a character or behavior that is not of Christ it means we have now revealed a father beside the One who gave birth to us.

Your behavior determines who your father is. It is always linked to the Father, as the Son is the one who reveals the strength of the Father. Hence when we see the Son we see the Glory of the Father. In behavior, one can manifest the devil and this does not mean that they are possessed.

Often you find a child very short-tempered only to find out that they inherited the behavior from their father. Similar to a toddler or an infant after crying for a while due to hunger and the mother tries to feed the baby and the child no longer wants food, the question is where does that character come from? It is a principle although the child has not yet been taught automatically, the character of the parent manifests in the child.

Often, we want to preach in the pulpit but unaware that we are already preaching in our positions and households. Hence Paul said in (2 Corinthians 3:3) that we are letters of recommendation written inside and out with the Holy Spirit. Regardless, without a choice, wherever we go people read us. The concern is when people read us, who is found as the author of this letter?

[2 Corinthians 3:1-3]

You are letters known and read by all. No discernment is required to read us as letters; everyone can see our behavior and determine who our Father is. Do your behavior and character outline that you are from God? The impact of having the behavior of the Father grows in such a way that one begins to have similar mannerisms and habits of the Father. Disciples never had their own hobbies; they did not only follow Jesus to hear Him preach but everything He did, they imitated.

There are certain things you develop because of where you submit, automatically you find yourself having similar habits like your father [in the Lord]. Hence why Jesus emphasises oneness – this will show that we are of the same Father. Manifest what is of the Spirit so that it can be known that you have a spiritual father, but when you manifest the flesh you still represent your earthly father and the world.

[John 8:36-56]

Jesus said their doings are of their father and did not deliver them as a result because they were not possessed but had a behavioral problem. Hence above it was mentioned that the character which you manifest in the absentia of the father is what determines who your father is. You do not have to be possessed to show that the devil is your father. “You seek to kill me and with their actions” Jesus was able to see that they are sons of the devil.

(39) They were claiming that Abraham is their father, yet their actions reflected a different father. It is not about how much or what you say to people about where you come from but it is about your behavior as it tells it all. Your deeds and actions show forth your father. The issue of a spiritual father is a problem, they were claiming that Abraham is their father yet their behaviour was saying otherwise.

(42) If God was your Father then you would love me. People can question your method but your character should amaze them. Although due to the miracles you perform many can dispute and say you are of the devil, but due to your character, they must question themselves as to how can this devil be so righteous, humble, and does not love money. Your fruits (character) says you are of God.

(44) Jesus saw the character of the devil in them. He did not say they have been misled or deceived, meaning a character is not a mistake but it determines who your father is. These people have been in the synagogue and reading the scrolls but they rejected Jesus’ teachings and He said they are sons of the devil. One evidence of character, how you react and make decisions determines who your father is.

A tree was cursed because of a lack of fruits and not a lack of leaves (see Mark 11:12-14). When there are fruits you are safe although there might not be any leaves because what determines where you are from is the fruits and not leaves.

God instructed us that all authority has been given, He further said go out and heal the sick as I have done. However, He then says to us – be Holy as I am Holy, bear fruits as He does but when it comes to leaves they will automatically be there because of the fruits. It is however possible to find a tree full of leaves yet without fruits, those kinds of trees are only for shade. In the book of Revelation, it says leaves are for healing, signs, and miracles. Assured with the character of God both signs and wonders you will do.

Think twice and act once, in your anger or rage there are always two voices, therefore choose wisely. That is why Moses said in us they placed both life and death in our mouth, meaning at all times, death will speak but you ought to choose life. When you choose life they will know who your Father is.

Abraham Unknown
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